Posted: 09/21/2011


We Are The Night

by Del Harvey

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On September 20, 2011, IFC Midnight releases We Are the Night, an edgy tale of a provocative gang of female vampires living large, making their own rules and leaving a merciless trail of blood.

The film centers on a 20-year-old Berlin native Lena (Karoline Herfurth) who gets by as a petty thief. On one of her nightly job runs through an underground club, she meets 250-year-old Louise (Nina Hoss).

Don’t let her age fool you. Louise is a glamorous vixen, who is not only the owner of the club, but also the leader of an unusual all-female vampire trio - the other two members being wild child Nora (Anna Fischer) and elegant Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich).

Louise falls head over heels in love with the scruffy Lena and bites her during their first night together. Once bitten, Lena discovers the curse and the blessing of her new, eternal life. She revels in the glamor, parties and infinite freedom. But she quickly discovers that the endless blood thirst and murderous appetite of her new girlfriends come at a steep price.

When Berlin police commissioner Tom Serner (Max Riemelt) begins investigating the women, it is just a matter of time before their day comes and events spiral out of control.

Vampire films are incredibly popular right now; the general public flocks to see bloodthirsty creatures of the night attacking helpless and hapless humans. In director Dennis Gansel’s We Are the Night we have yet another variation on the “hot chicks with long fangs who enjoy sucking the life out of men” sub-species of vampire film; and to a certain extent, it is most effective.

One of many things to like about the film is its cinematography, which is lush and belies the work of a much larger producer. Plotwise, amongst the central story mentioned above is a rather interesting thread that there are no male vampires in existence. It seems that after years of having to put up with the vicious brutes, the females finally killed them off. A rather unique twist which ups the ante for our trio of blood hunters.

The action is terrific and the visual effects look fantastic. We Are the Night is beautiful and definitely worth the rental, especially if you’re into lush cinematography and hot vampires you’d like to sink your teeth into.

Del Harvey is the founder of Film Monthly, a film teacher, a writer and a film critic in Chicago.

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