Posted: 10/15/2004


Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust


by Del Harvey

High quality anime and a vampire tale with a twist are just two reasons why Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust should be on your “must have” list. From Optimum Releasing.

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Vampire Hunter D is an enigma—part vampire, part human, he makes his living as a bounty hunter, and his prey is the most dangerous creature on Earth. When Charlotte, the daughter of the well-known Elbourne family, has been kidnapped by malevolent vampire Meier Link, Charlotte’s father commissions Vampire Hunter D and the renowned mercenary group the Marcus Brothers to rescue Charlotte from the vampire’s clutches. Whoever brings Charlotte back first will get a considerable reward. But there is a condition, of course; should they find they are too late, and Charlotte has already been turned into a vampire, they are to kill her immediately.

The sequel to the hugely popular Vampire Hunter D, Bloodlust features some beautiful anime and a very engaging story. The film has all the elements of the Hero’s journey, with Charlotte as the goal and many barriers for our anti-hero D to overcome, including the incendiary Marcus Brothers and a host of surprise villains.

The artwork is as good as anything I’ve seen from Japan, and the muted colors and style suits the subject matter well. The music is as near perfect as can be; it supports the main story, the suspenseful and mysterious moments, and heightens the viewing experience. The voices are dubbed in nicely, without any of that often distracting mismatched audio to lip movement.

However, what is most impressive about this anime is the story. The character of D remains truly mysterious throughout, so that when he does reveal something of his character it comes more as a revelation and is thus more intriguing for the viewer. Such is the state of being an enigma.

The film has a great sense of pacing and the action is superb. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is being released for the first time in the UK as of this writing, but no matter where you are, this is definitely one anime classic you will want to own.

Del Harvey is a writer and screenwriting teacher living in Chicago.

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