Posted: 10/29/2007


The Sarah Silverman Program – Season 1


by Hank Yuloff

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If Sarah Silverman were a male, I am convinced that she would have a much larger name recognition for doing the same work. Because she is a female comic in a male dominated world, she has to be doubly funny to get noticed. The season one DVD of The Sarah Silverman Program shows the versatility this dry-witted comic has in abundance.

For those not familiar with the show, think of Friends but with one very funny woman, surrounded by two gay men, her sister and a few other bit players. Think of Seinfeld but in the San Fernando Valley instead of New York but it is still not really about anything but the daily silly things that an unemployed actress who relies on her sister for rent can do.

What is different is that the lead character is not dressed so that some males will want to watch the show on mute, which is good because it is extremely funny… but with a sense of humor made for cable rather than the network pabulum. By the time you get through the third episode, you will forget you ever saw Rachel in a mini skirt and think Sarah is the hottest chick to ever wear a ringer t-shirt.

It is that pabulum that usually passes for comedy which makes The Sarah Silverman program so special. The story lines are not about “naked guy in the apartment across the alley” its more about “You are not bisexual… name three parts of a woman’s vagina.” It is not about a coffee pouring barrista who has a 7-year-crush on a girl, but the continuous non-sequitor, stream of conscienceness comedy which fills your screen and keeps you off balance.

If you like your sitcoms with a sexual overtone and more than its share of fart jokes, then this DVD will keep you laughing for hours. I suggest you watch them a second time with the commentary of the star and her cohorts. But keep the kids out of the room so they don’t hear you sing along with Sarah when she says she has to watch (a video) when she pees.

Hank Yuloff is a film reviewer living in Los Angeles.

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