Posted: 06/30/2009


The Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience


by Laura Tucker

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You could literally see the writing on the wall. Once The Jonas Brothers made an appearance on the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert movie, while they were already in the midst of their own rise to fame, it just stood to reason that the brothers would end up with their own concert movie. And with the $15 price tag that was being charged for admission to the Hannah Montana movie, of course they were looking to do that again. Having the chance to now watch The Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience, it seems they may have fallen a little short.

Granted, I’m comparing apples to oranges somewhat. I saw the Hannah Montana movie in the theater in 3D, and have now watched The Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience on DVD. There were some glaring differences that the teenaged siblings couldn’t do anything about. For one the DVD is only available in 2D, yet truth be told, the 3D didn’t really add much to the Best of Both Worlds Concert movie anyway.

The other thing that was missing was some backstage scenes. True, there was a staged bit at the beginning, as they are woken up individually, then driven to the concert hall, and as they reached a raffic jam, they climbed out the sun roof, and ran past the traffic jam. It was too staged, but I’m sure the tween and teen girls watching don’t mind that a bit. What followed after that was basically a full concert, followed by some backstage moments and traveling between venues, followed by some moments in a second venue. It just didn’t seem to have the same balance as the Best of Both Worlds Concert, The Jonas Brothers Concert, seemed to be just that, mostly like you’re sitting at the concert, instead of watching a DVD with interesting bits thrown in.

With all that said, I’m not so sure the girls watching will mind. I think if they’re Jonas Brothers fans, they’ll like this movie, singing along to all the songs, and if they’re ambivalent towards the brothers, this won’t do anything to change their minds. Something else the young girls might enjoy are the guest stars. While the boys guest-starred with a couple of songs in the Hannah Montana Concert movie, Demi Lovato, Disney star, and Taylor Swift make appearances in the concert singing a few tunes.

The Blue Ray version is in 3D and includes glasses, a 2D version DVD, and a digital version of the Concert Experience. The DVD is also sold separately both alone, and with the digital copy. All versions are out in stores now.

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker is the webmaster of Reality Shack, its accompanying Reality Shack Blog, is the editor of Small Screen Monthly, and a freelance writer covering film and movies in other venues. Her spare time is spent as an Associate Instructor and 2nd dan black belt in tae kwon do with South Elgin Martial Arts. Laura can be reached at

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