Posted: 07/21/2006


The Iris Effect


by Del Harvey

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Ten years ago, Sarah Hathaway’s (Anne Archer) gifted and troubled son, Thomas, suddenly disappeared from their home in Los Angeles. Sarah has strange, recurring dreams about him and refuses to give up hope of ever finding him. Finally, after ten years, a new clue turns up as to his possible whereabouts. A private detective finds an art book containing pictures of beautiful irises that only her son could have painted.

After discovering that the artist now lives in Russia, Sarah travels to St. Petersberg, embarking on a desperate mission to find him. When she goes to a gallery where the paintings are displayed, she tells the gallery owner, Rebecca (Mia Kirshner), that she is the artist’s mother. When advised that the artist’s mother is dead, Sarah insists on meeting him anyway, and is introduced to Paul Bergamo (Kip Pardue), an American who definitely is not her son.

Sarah is devastated and goes into a tirade, insisting that Paul is not the artist and that the paintings were done by her son. Witnessing this outburst is a mysterious young boy, Nikita (Devon Alan), who appears homeless and follows her wherever she goes throughout the city.

In the face of ongoing danger, Sarah embarks on a desperate search for her son, and is finally arrested and taken to a mental institution. She is befriended by Ivan (Russian star Gregory Hlady), a psychiatrist, who gets her released and convinces her to give up the search and go back home.

On her way to the airport, the young Nikita steals her purse, and after a harrowing chase, he ultimately leads her to a rooftop apartment where there are hundreds of irises. Stunned, and knowing that Nikita is the key to her mission, Sarah follow his lead and breaks into the apartment where she finds other paintings—including a painting of herself!

More determined than ever, Sarah knows that the truth is in reach and must escape the dangers and obstacles of those who try to deceive her.

Watch for The Iris Effect to be released on DVD from MTI on July 25, 2006.

Del Harvey is a writer and film teacher living in the Chicago.

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