Posted: 02/28/2011


The Bleeding

by Michael J. Nicholas

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On March 1st, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing the action/vampire shoot ‘em up, The Bleeding. Shawn Black(Michael Matthias) plays an Afghanastan war veteran whose family was brutally murdered in front of him by a pack of crazy vampires. To top it all off, his brother and fellow combat veteran has disappeared and can’t be found.

Vampire leader, Cain(Vinnie Jones) and his wicked lieutanant, Vanya(Kat Von D), have quite an evil reputation and are putting together an army of blood suckers to take over the world. They forgot one thing: making sure Shawn was dead. Black soon finds out from bit characters played by Armand Assante and rapper DMX, that he is known as a ‘slayer’, and is the only human capable of taking down Cain and his army of the undead.

In order to track down Cain and find out how to destroy him, he must first seek out help from a whacked-out preacher named Reverend Roy, played by Michael Madsen. The Reverend gives Black a boat-load of blessed weapons and tells him that he has to travel to an abandoned warehouse where the vampires will be storing their coffins and will need to take them on there. This warehouse is also being used as a rave party for local college kids that will double as a recruitment center for Cain to add to his army.

Along the way, Black meets a party girl(Rachelle Leah) who ends up becoming sort of an asset. The two end up having to take on the vampire army by themselves. This film was definitely predictable and had a pretty generic screenplay. No surprises here and you could guess what was going to happen next. Even the head vampire having the name ‘Cain’ was a little too unimaginative for me. However, it did help having Assante and Madsen to spruce things up a bit. I also didn’t think they were trying to break new ground in filmmaking with this movie, so I’ll cut them slack in that department. If you take The Bleeding for what it’s suppossed to be, a vampire thriller with a lot of machine gun play, then it’s definitely worth your hour and a half. So, a D on the script and a B on the action and effects. It gets a C.

The Bleeding
83 Minutes
Rated R
Bonus Features: Cast Interviews, Makeup & Effects, Stunts, Trailer

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