Posted: 01/04/2010


Still Waters

by Elaine Hegwood Bowen

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Desperate to get over the murder of his ex-fiancéé, Jay takes his new girlfriend, Julie, on a weekend retreat with his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend. But when tensions rise within the group, Jay learns that the root of his pains looms closer than he thinks, and no one close to him will be safe until he confronts them!

Jay was madly in love with Melissa, but fate would have it that she would be murdered. Right when he begins to live again, Jay agrees to an outdoors vacation with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, only to find out surprises that he’s never known. His brother, Sam, has a son who had been named Jay, because he resembles the uncle. But Jay didn’t realize that his brother and his girlfriend had been dating long enough to have a son.

Jay and his brother had had a strained relationship with their stepfather, and Sam always thought that he was neglected in favor of the more handsome Jay. He uses this as a crutch and is very mean towards Jay. The vacation goes along, but there is much strife; too much for everyone’s liking.

Sam is very manipulative toward his girlfriend, and he wants to play that same role with Julie. Julie is guarded, even telling Jay that Sam creeps her out. Sam finds out about this and threatens Julie. Could it be that Sam murdered Melissa, Jay’s previous girlfriend? Jay is oblivious to what is going on; he just wants to have a good time with his brother. They don’t see each other much.

But, Jay really needs to open his eyes to what’s going on right in front of him. By the time he does, however, it’s much too late, as Sam sets off a chain of events that shows just how evil and jealous he can be toward his brother.

Still Waters could relate to the old saying; still waters run deep. The love that Jay had for his brother and for his girlfriend ran deep. The jealousy that Sam had for Jay ran even deeper. In the end, the cuts run deep; deep enough to kill.

Still Waters is directed by Indi Wijay and stars Wijay, as well as Serena Varghese, Tina Cherian and Sharlene Merchant. It is available on Echelon Studios DVD. Visit the Web site at

Elaine Hegwood Bowen is an editor, writer and film critic in Chicago.

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