Posted: 09/02/2010



by Elaine Hegwood Bowen

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Sparkle is a cute movie starring veteran actors Bob Hoskins, who plays Vince, and Stockard Channing, playing Sheila, the owner of a public relations firm, who falls for a younger employer, who just happens also to be dating her daughter.

The object of both women’s desire is Sam, played by Shaun Evans, who has a domineering mother named Jill. But Jill has her own aspirations of becoming a singer. They both pick up stakes and move from Liverpool to London. Of course, Sam wants to make his fortune in the public relations field. They both come to live in an apartment that is owned by Vince, who also happens to have a penchant for Jill.

While Sam works for Sheila, he also comes across Sheila’s daughter, Kate, played by Amanda Ryan. Mother and daughter don’t have the best relationship, but it’s a while before they both figure out that they are literally sleeping with the same man. All along, however, Vince is finding the hardest time convincing Jill that he really likes her. Vince seems an odd, reclusive sort, as if he never really had to work or go out into the world—he seems quite shy but really smitten with Jill.

But things are more complicated for Sam, since he needs to figure out just which women he wants to continuing seeing. Channing and Hoskins are great in this movie, with both of them having careers filled with winning acting awards.

Other supporting cast members are just as lovable, including Sheila’s gay brother, with whom Kate lives, along with his boyfriend.

So just why is the film called Sparkle, well you’ll have to check it out to find out.
Sparkle comes to DVD and iTunes from Revolver Entertainment on September 7.

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Elaine Hegwood Bowen is an editor, writer and film critic in Chicago.

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