Posted: 08/26/2002


Serving Sara


by Coco Delgado

Don’t get me wrong. I love movies. I even love not-so-good movies. I can find merit in just about anything ever put to celluloid.

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Well…just about.

There are some movies you see (usually on cable because you’re very bored, or on video because someone else got to choose or all the good movies were already rented) and you just ask, “Why, when there are so many things to spend money on, was this thing ever made?”

And, yep, you guessed it. Serving Sara is such a movie. And I did so want to like it. Matthew Perry is a funny guy, although apparently not on the big screen. And Elizabeth Hurley could create of her herself quite a wicked little comedic actress along the lines of Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock…if she could only get a decent script. Perhaps one that doesn’t inolve her being dressed like a Japanese anime character for a good part of the movie. She’s good in this, but…Lucille Ball couldn’t save this script.

Now, you may disagree with me…that’s fine. I just don’t happen to have a huge fondness for bull masturbation jokes. Although I do find it interesting that, in these politically correct times, we can’t make fun of other nationalities or ethnicities (unless, of course, one is Mike Myers and making an Austin Powers sequel), so the only slurs left to us are those based on what part of the United States someone is from. And, oh, have we got them!

We have dumb oafs from Brooklyn. We have clever Brits. We have Texans…as far as I can see, the only reason this movie was set in Texas was so it could be made fun of. We have the “mechanical bull in a bar” stereotype. We have the “all Texans carry firearms” stereotype. We have Texans who can’t be trusted - two of them! We also have a montster car rally. And, really? If you’ve seen The Whole Nine Yards, you’ve pretty much already seen Serving Sara. Just trade hit men for process servers, Bruce Willis for Hurley, and Montreal for Texas and hey…

Like I said, it’s too bad. When I think of all the “Turn Off Your Cellphone” PSAs that could have been made with the film instead…

Coco Delgado is a writer who always sits in the front row. For fun she moves to different cities, which have included Montreal, San Francisco and Atlanta. This year it’s Boston..

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