Posted: 03/13/2009


Revenge of the Boarding School Dropouts

by Rick Villalobos

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It doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to make a stoner film. There is nothing to it – write a screenplay about two immature, sexually deprived, pot-smoking slackers and give them something clever to say. There are three elements needed here: a wacky adventure, naked women, and a lot of smoke. We can’t blame the working stiffs in Hollywood for trying to capitalize on something that most people do while watching a film. It is their constitutional right. Just remember the wisdom our hippie forefathers gave us – like the old saying that said – if it’s green smoke it…

Revenge of the boarding school dropouts is a true story about a group of students from the inner city, trying to overcome the chaotic world of drugs and sex, while graduating from a top level boarding school. Open a window and let the smoke clear. Have something to eat - a slice of pizza, a bag of chips or an ice cream sandwich. Press play and watch the film all over again. O.K. – Revenge of the boarding school dropouts is a story about a group of oddball snowboarders, trying to succeed as a professional sports team, while partying, smoking weed and getting laid.

Featuring Tom Green (Road Trip, 2000) and Dave England from the MTV television series Jackass, this comedy tries to painfully recreate what other stoner films have done in the past – create a THC induced good time. It fails miserably. It is unfunny. The storyline is weak and the dialogue makes each scene appear like an awkward mess.

What ever happened to Tom Green? He is a decent comedic actor. But in this film, he is like a punch line that bombs – badly. This role should have been given to his Guatemalan counter part – Tomas Verde. See what happens when a punch line bombs – it destroys a joke to pieces.

The upside to this tragedy - this film has a respectable cast of young actors. It is a shame to see a bunch of talented people star in a film that should have been shot as a porn flick – what about – Revenge of the Boarding School Slut Dropouts. The title could work given another forum.

Fans only expect one thing from a comedy - to laugh and then to laugh again. The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said: If it’s not funny even after smoking a blunt - then it must not be that funny.

Rick Villalobos is a writer and film critic in Chicago.

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