Posted: 06/07/2003


Prince Charming


by Del Harvey

Hopping from the courts of Medieval England to backstage Broadway in 21st century Manhattan, Prince Charming transports a classic fairy tale into a modern love story that will cast its spell on audiences for all time. Premiering July 13th on TNT at 8pm (ET/PT).

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On the day of his marriage to Princess Gwendolyn, Prince John (Maguire) finds himself in a compromising situation with a damsel in distress. As punishment, he and his squire, Rodney (Short), are subjected to a “frogging,” transforming them into frogs for all eternity, or until the prince can convince a maiden not only to kiss him, but marry him as well. After centuries on the pond, John and Rodney are accidentally transported to New York’s Central Park, an amazing new world full of taxis, sky scrapers, graffiti and of course damsels. In no time at all, the prince gets his kiss and he and Rodney return to human form. But, staying that way won’t be easy. It’s streetwise Kate (Applegate) who has captured John’s heart, but unfortunately she’s not the woman he kissed. In order to break the curse forever, he must convince Margo (Peters), a Broadway diva, to marry him. Connelly portrays Hamish, Margo’s director/boyfriend. Martin portrays Margo’s wardrobe mistress Serena.

Prince John of Anwyn (Sean Maguire) has defamed the crown. His punishment: a “frogging.” Assured by his squire, Rodney of Tudor (Emmy® nominee Martin Short), that “frogging” is a wives’ tale, the Prince accepts his punishment. Underestimating the powers of Whackthazar the Wizard, John and Rodney are zapped into unsightly toads. Less a punishment, than a curse, they must remain “frogged” for an eternity. Their only escape? A kiss by a true love whom John must marry before the following full moon.

Five hundred years and counting, Prince John and Rodney are still waiting. A mishap of sorts relocates the two to the great forests of Central Park. Now this amphibian duo must search for a chance to become human again. That chance comes and goes with Kate Russell (Golden Globe nominee Christina Applegate), the driver of a hansom cab who, alas, only takes their picture. It comes again with Margo Stockard (Golden Globe winner Bernadette Peters), a larger-than-life, fortyish-and-feeling-it Broadway star. In a playful moment, she plants a kiss on the lips of the princely toad and tosses him back in the lake. Moments later John and Rodney slog to shore, human once more, and totally out of their element. With only days before the next full moon, John must find his somewhat-fair maiden and induce her to marry him. Engaging the services of the streetwise Kate, John and Rodney begin their journey through the skyscraper castles of Manhattan. Mistaken for a Shakespearian actor, John is asked to star opposite his salvation, Margo. Meanwhile Rodney of Tudor finds his own princess in Margo’s spunky wardrobe mistress, Serena—of Brooklyn (Andrea Martin). But as the full moon approaches John discovers that it’s Kate who has won his heart. Even with the curse looming, he decides to follow it and accept whatever the fates have in store.

Emmy® -nominated Martin Short (Alice In Wonderland, Merlin), Golden Globe-nominee Christina Applegate (Jesse), two-time Tony winner Bernadette Peters (Annie Get Your Gun, Cinderella, The Odyssey), Billy Connolly (Mrs. Brown, The Impostors), Andrea Martin (Wag The Dog) and newcomer Sean Maguire (Out of Depth) star in the Turner Network Turner (TNT) Original film PRINCE CHARMING. The two-hour adventure updating the timeless fairy tale is executive-produced by Emmy® Award winner Robert Halmi, Sr. (Arabian Nights, A Christmas Carol) for Hallmark Entertainment and directed by Emmy® Award winner Allan Arkush (The Temptations). The script is by Doug Palau (Total Security, ER, Murder One).

In the tradition of The Princess Bride, and thanks to TNT and Hallmark Entertainment, Prince Charming is the most delightfully different love story in five hundred years.

Del Harvey is a writer and the founder of Film Monthly. He is a devout Chicago Bears fan, loves Grant Park in any season, and recently taught screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago.

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