Posted: 02/04/2012


One Piece: Collection No. 4

by Ruben R. Rosario

Now available on DVD from Funimation.

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A cute reindeer, goofy pirates and an intense desert await within One Piece Collection No. 4, one of the best sets yet in the long running series. The Straw Hat Pirates are very close to Alabasta, but they must search for doctor in order to treat Nami’s high fever. This leads them to Drum Island, an island known for its medical doctors and advanced treatments that is blanketed in an eternal winter. It is here that they will gain a new member and continue on their journey into the heart of Alabasta, to confront Baroque Works and their sinister plot to take over the desert kingdom. This collection collects episodes 79-103 of One Piece and contains some of the best batch of episodes yet.

This set is a real treat because it gives you the entirety of the Drum Island arc and good portion of the Alabasta arc. Not only does this collection do it justice by having the quantity of episodes, but the sheer quality of them are just brilliant. Just about every single character in the Straw Hat Pirates crew have some sort of tragic back story. Nothing that came before can compare to the beginnings of Tony Tony Chopper, the new recruit in the group. What really works for this origin is the fact that Tony’s cute and mascot-like appearance, betray what the audience expects from his history. The heart of this show has always been its characters and with Tony’s origin and recruitment, it is ever more present and a perfect example of why people have flocked to this show. While I was hesitant in the past to seriously commit to a show that currently has over 500 episodes, One Piece Collection No. 4 has made me an die hard fan of One Piece. The show knows when to make you laugh, when to make you cry and above all, entertain you with the thrill of adventure.

These One Piece Collection’s are pretty bare bones and they continue to do so with Collection No. 4. There’s only a few commentaries by the English cast, textless intros and outros and a bunch of trailers for other Funimation shows. While other sets like this may not cut the mustard, One Piece has a plethora of episodes to get through and its more than enough to carry one through, without the a wealth of extra features.

While I will definitely say that all of the other sets were enjoyable in their own right, One Piece Collection No. 4 is the one that I would push on people. Its a prime example of its key themes, well executed story and entertainment that make it one of the shows around. Highly Recommended!

Ruben R. Rosario is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Audio for Visual Media. He works as a freelance location sound mixer, boom operator, sound designer, and writer in his native Chicago. He’s an avid collector of films, comics, and anime.

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