Posted: 05/29/2011


Make Believe by J. Clay Tweel

by Jessica Machen

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The documentary, Make Believe, directed by J. Clay Tweel, will make you believe in the power of magic. The film follows six teens competing in the World Magic Seminar’s Teen Competition in Las Vegas. This prestigious competition is extremely tough to be accepted into, but once young magicians are in, they know they have talent.

According to the documentary, magic is something that gives teens a voice and helps them find their true selves. It’s a way to communicate. It’s something that transcends the language barrier—all can be amazed and entertained by a good magic act. Watch the film to find out more about the world of magic and how it affects these teens’ lives.

Make Believe is on Showtime and On Demand through the end of May. It premiered at the NY Friar’s Club in New York City on May 11, Facet’s Cinemateque in Chicago on May 16 and Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles on May 25. If you’d like a DVD copy, you can purchase it at

Jessica Machen is a writer and filmmaker currently living in Chicago.

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