Posted: 10/20/2009


Love N’ Dancing

by Elaine Hegwood Bowen

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Love N’ Dancing is a nice, romantic story about a couple who decides to take dancing lessons in preparation for their wedding, but at the last moment the fiancé is too busy to accompany his future bride to dancing lessons. She goes ahead, only to be enamored with the dance instructor, who just happens to be deaf.

Amy Smart stars as Jessica, and Tom Malloy as Jake. Other cast members include dancers from the television show So You Think You Can Dance. If it’s passion that Jessica seeks, she finds it in Jake, even though he hears the music thru vibrations and other senses and can’t verbally express any romantic feelings for Jessica.

But Jake has much going on for him, as he just happens to be the West Coast Swing champion. While competing, he had a nice little romance going on with a former dance partner named Corrine.

Jake wonders, however, whether he won the dance championship five years ago with Corrine because the judges felt sorry for him due to his disability, which he’s had most of his life. Jake and Jessica meet when he visits the school where she teaches to give a motivational speech.

Meanwhile, Corrine doesn’t love Jake anymore, she’s actually engaged, but she seems to pop up conveniently to muddle the waters, knowing that she can always push the right buttons to set Jake off.

Jake and Jessica might have a go at something, but they definitely decide to try for the West Coast Swing championship as a couple. Jake has something to prove—that he deserved the honor originally. And I suppose Jessica has something to prove to her fiancé—that she can learn how to dance professionally and that he needs to pay more attention to her.

Love N’ Dancing is full of hope, great dance routines, blossoming love and jealousy—all that make for a good movie. Other cast members include Billy Zane and Caroline Rhea. Love N’Dancing is available on DVD Oct. 20 from Screen Media Films and includes a 30-minute West Coast Swing Dance Lesson.

Elaine Hegwood Bowen is an editor, writer and film critic in Chicago.

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