Posted: 07/28/2003


Killers 2: The Beast


by Del Harvey

Sequel finds lone survivor of a horrible massacre battling her own internal demons.

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When Heather (Kim Little) wakens to find herself strapped to a hospital bed in an asylum for the criminally insane, she goes a little berserk. Problem is, she isn’t aware of this other personality, this dark side. And she is the prime suspect for a vicious massacre in which she claims to be the sole survivor. As it turns out, the genuine killers are determined to finish the job. The asylum staff ignores her pleas for help, so in order to stay alive she must harnesses her primal instincts to overcome the psychological demons in her head as well as the band of killers looking to silence her forever

Killers 2: The Beast stars Kim Little (Jane White is Sick & Twisted, Diagnosis Murder), D.C. Douglas (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Under Siege 2), and Melissa Martin (Death Becomes Her, Problem Child, Evening Shade), and was written by Paul Bales (Reasonable Doubt, Max Knight: Ultra Spy), and directed by David Michael Latt (Jane White is Sick & Twisted, Killers).

This DVD is available from MTI Home Video.

Del Harvey is a writer and the founder of Film Monthly. He is a devout Chicago Bears fan, loves Grant Park in any season, and recently taught screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago.

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