Posted: 01/03/2004


Killer Weekend


by Del Harvey

On February 10th three couples will have just two days to find a murderer among them. Released by MTI Home Video.

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Three couples get together for a weekend at a lavish beachside house in Santa Barbara, but a homicide investigation gets underway when one of the husbands is murdered and the killer is among them.

Killer Weekend means well, but is far too Californian for my tastes. The idea of an English “drawing room” type of mystery transplanted to the stucco-and-fa├žade of Santa Barbara seems as shallow as the locale. But I lost all interest when early in the film the investigating detective, played by terrific character actor Robert Miano, allows himself to be put off from talking with the victim’s wife “until later” because she’s so distraught. In this great land of ours where we can see the true horrors of a domestic dispute any evening on the latest rerun of Cops, I did not believe anyone would offer up such a lame Red Herring just to prolong a story. My bad. Or rather, the writer’s (co-star Jennifer Farrell) for using this flimsy plot element. Ooops, there I go referring to facades again.

Killer Weekend stars Eric Roberts (National Security, TV’s Less Than Perfect), Robert Miano (Detour, upcoming Skeleton Man), Al Sapienza (Port Charles, Endangered Species), John Castellanos (The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful), Jennifer Farrell (Lost & Found), Cyrielle Claire (Nuit d’argent), April Fissell (Timecop 2) and Eliza Roberts (Doctor Who, Rough Air). The feature was written and directed and produced by Dan T. Hall (The Lil’ River Rats and the Adventure of the Lost Treasure), with David R. Lister also writing.

Killer Weekend is available for purchase in January from MTI Home Video.

Del Harvey is the founder of Film Monthly. He teaches screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago and is a devout Bears fan.

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