Posted: 01/24/2003


Jack Movez


by Del Harvey

Two ex-Marines turned small time street thugs agree to pull off the heist “copy-cat” style in this new action film premiering February 18, 2003, from MTI Home Video.

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Backyard directors The Quiroz Brothers are about to unleash another shot-on-video gangster action pic, Jack Movez. This time, the Ybarra brothers are jammed deep in debt, so they hire someone to stage a phony robbery of their jewelry store to collect the insurance. Perez and Mitch, two ex-Marines-turned-small-time street thugs, agree to pull off a “copy-cat” version of what should be a simple heist. But in these mean streets, nothing’s simple.

Very quickly things get crazy and out-of-control when the real crew of diamond jackers wants to find out who the “copy-cat” robbers are. At the same time, the police are closing in, and Jamal, the Ybarra brothers’ psycho-for-hire, is looking for Perez and Mitch. As cops chase crooks who’re chasing crooks, they’re all about to find out who’s jackin’ who.

For ultra low budget, The Quiroz Brothers do a pretty good job. Straight to video, but even so the quality isn’t bad and the sound is actually better than expected. Watching their films is akin to watching student films, but with a lot more dynamite. For their genre, they’re pretty good films. Other films by The Quiroz Brothers are The Dope Game (2002), Veteranos (1998), and Penitentiary Chances (1998).

MTI Home Video, a leading independent home entertainment studio, and Delta Entertainment, a top urban entertainment supplier, will release their fourth Quiroz Brothers film, Jack Movez, on VHS and DVD February 18, 2003. The VHS will be available in both English and English with Spanish Subtitles. Special DVD features include: outtakes, photo gallery, chapter selection, interactive menus, and optional Spanish subtitles.

Jack Movez stars David Rocha (The Dope Game, Down Time, Blood & Tears), David Petersen, Carl Washington (Creepies, The Chatroom, I Know What You Did In the Hood), and Arnoldo Vargas Jr. The film was written and directed by Eduardo Quiroz and Jose Quiroz and was produced by Eduardo Quiroz, Jose Quiroz, and David Rocha.

Del Harvey is the founder of Film Monthly. He is a devout Bears fan, a lover of Grant Park in any season, and recently taught screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago.

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