Posted: 07/20/2010


I Do & I Don’t

by Elaine Hegwood Bowen

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I Do & I Don’t is a funny, funny comedy about a young couple, Bob and Cheryl (Bryan Callen and Alexie Gilmore), who plan to get married, but they forget to schedule time with the church for pre-marriage counseling. So they are assigned to see an older married couple, Dick and Nora Stelmack (Matt Servitto and Jane Lynch), to undergo counseling with them. The only problem is that the older, married couple is in the middle of marital disaster, and the wife, played by Glee’s Jane Lynch, has the hots for the young groom-to-be.

The engaged couple try to hang tough with their mentors, but it gets harder and harder to watch as the dysfunctional couple, along with their son, try to pretend nothing is wrong. The couple must learn the hard and hilarious way what it takes to be truly, happily married, in spite of the counseling that they are receiving.

Eventually the married couple reveal that all is not well, and attempt to make the younger couple reveal secrets to one another. This is their way of trying to show the younger couple that they must share everything with each other. But this exercise has disastrous consequences, as Bob learns that Cheryl slept with his best buddy. They even have the couple fill out a long, drawn-out questionnaire to see just how they are suited for one another.

The trappings of the married couple are enticing enough; they have a nice big house, drive two cars, etc., but Dick has a penchant for nudist colonies, and he drags Bob off to explore with him. Nora is an alcoholic, and the couple gets along most of the time. However, they take one day out of the year every year to ignore each other. They say they do this so that they appreciate the other 364 days of the year. Odd!

The younger couple finally passes the counseling, and hopefully they embark on a life of matrimony so far away from what they have just witnessed.

I Do & I Don’t is available July 20 on DVD from Phase4films. The movie won the Jury Award for Best Comedy at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, as well as Best Actress-Comedy for Jane Lynch at the same festival. Visit Web site

Elaine Hegwood Bowen is an editor, writer and film critic in Chicago.

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