Posted: 08/03/2008


Foyle’s War – Series V


by Katie Morris

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In this fifth and final installment of acclaimed PBS series Foyle’s War, soon to be released on DVD by Acorn Media, retired DCS Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) writes a book to chronicle the Hastings Police Department during the war years. His former driver, Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks), has become his ill-suited typist. Detective Paul Milner (Anthony Howell), dissatisfied with the leadership at the police station, has put in for a transfer. However, certain events transpire to pull Foyle back into police work. As the end of the war looms closer, a restlessness comes over the English coastal town of Hastings. Some people’s spirits have already been broken by the war, while some wonder if they’ll regret the coming end.

The set includes three feature-length episodes: “Plan of Attack,” “Broken Souls” and “All Clear.” “Plan of Attack” shows the police force in low morale, given the lacking leadership of current DCS Meredith. Foyle returns to the police to investigate the apparent suicide of a cartographer. In “Broken Souls,” an ambitious and disliked doctor at a psychiatric clinic is murdered. Breaking news about Nazi concentration camps infects everyone as it reaches Hastings. “All Clear” has everyone looking ahead to V-day. For some people the approach brings joyful anticipation, while for others it brings apprehension of the coming changes. And some worry about war-time secrets coming out.

The deserving series has enjoyed praise from such stodgy sources as the New York Times, the Boston Globe and the Associated Press. For those who have watched the series since the beginning, this ending will satisfy. For those just becoming acquainted with the series, these episodes will draw you back to watch them from the beginning. Special features on the DVD set include a making-of documentary, interviews with cast members, notes on real-life Foyle, and cast filmographies. This three-disc format will be released on August 5.

Katie Morris is a freelance writer living in Chicago.

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