Posted: 03/17/2009



by Rick Villalobos

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The title alone sounds like someone needs a shot of penicillin. Most people can count their flings on one hand. Others, those in line at the free clinic for a monthly visit, would need a certified public accountant to sum up their conquests. Whatever meaning a fling may have between the two being flung, there are consequences to think about afterward. It is not easy, of course, resisting the hot blond in the short skirt or the Chippendale’s piece of man cake that falters at your feet. Although hormones from hell are never easy to control, a chastity belt may come in handy if that invitation from the Playboy mansion suddenly arrives in the mail.

Fling is a film about two eccentric people in an open relationship, pushing the limits of sex and desire. Mason (Steve Sandvoss) and Samantha (Courtney Ford) live, sleep and shower together. They are not boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife – they are a couple of immature knuckle heads, trying to live a life of pleasure and no responsibility. Toss in a flirtatious eighteen-year-old played by Shoshana Bush and an ex-superhero - Brandon Routh and it’s a steamy, fog up the windows one night stand.

Advertised as a romantic drama, Fling is not romantic at all. It is a disappointing romp on screen. There is nothing romantic about a bunch of horny adults, having sex with as many partners within a 98 minute time frame. This film is in over its head much like the two protagonists that are afraid to grow up. Fling, though, does have its appeal. It poses questions about the boundaries that could be crossed in an undefined and nontraditional relationship. Questions like: What does it mean to be in love? Does monogamy work? Why is this rash turning purple?

Brandon Routh (Superman, 2006) plays Samantha’s ex-boyfriend - James, a trivial role that was unconvincing. It is hard to care for someone that’s a schmuck. The character was too timid and naive. So what if Brandon Routh looks like a long lost Jonas Brother – the Jonas Bonus, Bonus…Frankly, no matter what the film industry says, good looks only take you so far. A poorly written character at the end of the day is still a poorly written character meant for a porn flick.

Bottom line: This is another case of a group of talented actors in a mediocre film that takes us nowhere.

Rick Villalobos is a writer and film critic in Chicago.

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