Posted: 12/27/2011


Fairy Tail: Part Two

by Amber Burnham

Available now in a Blu-ray/DVD combo from FUNimation Entertainment!

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Fairy Tail, one of the best animes to be released in years, is back. In this next volume of Fairy Tail, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Happy and the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild are back to fight villains, each other, and repercussions of their own past. This set delves deeper into the characters and the reasons for the actions they have taken and the friends they have made up to this point in their lives. We also meet new characters as well as learn more about other members of the guild who were less prominent in the first part.

Fariy Tail: Part Two starts by finishing the story that ended the first set. Through this storyline, we learn about Gray’s past and the relationships he left behind (as well as why he is always stripping!). This storyline is excellent. Gray is an intriguing character and learning more about him makes him even more likable. We are also introduced to Gray’s childhood friend, with whom he trained with as a child. We learn just as much about Gray’s friend during the story as we do about him. I am really hoping we see more of this character as the show progresses.

In a few episodes in the middle of the volume, we learn a little more about the past of Natsu and Happy. There are some interesting issues brought up during these flashbacks, which could really create some good character growth for Natsu as the show moves along. As the volume progresses, the Fairy Tail Guild finds themselves in a ‘war’ with another guild. This particular storyline is introduced without warning and through seeming plot devieces. It feels like an introduction that would work in manga style but fails in anime form. This does not create the sense of urgency and empathy for the characters needed in order to invest fully in the storyline. The one great aspect of this particular storyline is that you are introduced to the backgrounds of some of the other Fairy Tail guild members, which are particularly interesting. These stories also blend into the parts of Natsu’s past that you learn from previous episodes.

The relationships of the characters to one another and their pasts was a theme during this volume. It gives the episodes depth and feeling. Once we have learned who the characters are and how they fight as wizards in part one, we now begin learning about them as humans. This is one of the aspects of the show that makes it one of the most entertaining animes to watch. The writing is done in a natural and logical manner. You have enjoyed the characters as fighters and wizards and now you can enjoy them as individual characters. You will now be able to pick the characters in which you can relate, thus helping you to invest more in the anime as a whole. The episodes of Fairy Tail: Part Two are every bit as impressive and enjoyable as the previous episodes. The end of the set leaves you looking forward to what is coming next, which I am sure we all are.

Amber Burnham has a BA in Early Childhood Education from Kendall College. She is also a regular panelist on Kichicast, the all-girl, Chicago-based podcast devoted to anime, manga, and Japanese culture. You can listen to Kichicast at

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