Posted: 08/07/2010


Dead Man Running

by Elaine Hegwood Bowen

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Dead Man Running is a story about a loan shark played by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson who is demanding a payment of $100,000 from ex-con Nick, played by Tamer Hassan in London.

50 Cent plays Mr. Thigo who, realizing that hard economic times are putting a strain on everyone, orders Nick to repay his money in 24 hours, and he holds his mother who is wheel-chair bound as ransom. But his mother, played by Brenda Blethyn, has a few tricks up her sleeves.
Nick involves his best buddy to go on a British excursion to Manchester and other towns, in an effort to raise the pounds needed to satisfy his debt.

I guess 50 Cent could be called 50 Pounds in this movie, as he rides around in his green Rolls Royce and wears fancy suits. Most of the movie revolves around Nick trying to come up with the money, before his mother is killed. 50 Cent sits around with his goons, after they’ve sent another goon to sit with the mother, while he trains two shotguns her way.

After fighting a bout and winning some money at the gym, Nick sets out to Manchester on a series of adventures to get the rest of the loot. In the meantime, his girlfriend is back working at the strip club to see what she can gather up. But 50 Cent has ordered people to not help Nick in any way, as it might ruin 50 Cent’s credibility as a loan shark, if too many people start paying him back.

Toward the end of the movie Nick hires himself out as an assassin, but he has his own plans about executing the guy. He even contemplates robbing a local bank, after he makes his way back to London, after being ripped off on the train, by none other than another one of 50 Cent’s goons.
In the end, Nick really discovers who his good friends are, as the violent, crime-filled thrill ride ends with some surprising results.

Dead Man Running turned out to be better than I thought it would be, once I really devoted my full attention to the film. In the end, however, 50 Cent finds out that crime doesn’t pay.
The DVD and Blu-ray disc will be available from Phase 4 Films August 17 and has special features that include the making of the movie and other ‘behind-the-scenes” treats.

Visit Web site or for more information.

Elaine Hegwood Bowen is an editor, writer and film critic in Chicago.

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