Posted: 04/08/2010


Creature of Darkness


by Katherine Montalto

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Creature of Darkness centers around Andrew (Devon Sawa). Andrew is haunted by reoccurring nightmares of dying a horrible death in the clutches of a rampaging monster. His friend convinces him to join in a group of off-road bikers on a camping trip somewhere outside a top secret military base. The group is haunted by a series of unexplained events and Andrew soon realizes that his nightmare is becoming a reality.

MTI Video is releasing Creature of Darkness on DVD April 13th 2010. MTI is known for releasing independent, direct to DVD movies, of all genres. The Miami based studio has been producing and distributing independent films for 25 years.

Creature of Darkness stars Devon Sawa of Final Destination fame. It may take a moment to recognize him as this former child actor as gained a few years and a few pounds. Sawa’s acting is the strongest of the movie which unfortunately isn’t saying much. Another former child star Matthew Lawrence makes an appearance in the film. He probably most remembered for his role as Jack Hunter on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. Lawrence’s character spends most of the film drunkenly mumbling and stumbling his way around the camp site. The only other actor you’re likely to recognize is Sanoe Lake. Doesn’t ring a bell? She is one of the bikini clad BFFs of Kate Bosworth’s surfing star character in Blue Crush. Yea, I barely remembered her myself.

This is the kind of movie you might stumble across on the Syfy channel on a Saturday afternoon that you watch shoveling cheetos into your gapping maw because you’ve got nothing better to do. The plot, which only marginally exists, is riddled with more holes than a moth eaten sweater. None of the characters are developed making it impossible to comprehend any of their actions. The cast goes from being terrified of the corpse they found on the road and the disappearance of their friend to drinking beers and casually dancing around to crappy music whilst discussing their own hotness. The editing is terrible and it is hard to hear a lot the dialogue because it is often competing with the revved engines of dirt bikes and dune buggies. The CGI special effects are laughable. I’d expect better from a group of high school kids performing a sketch show. You MIGHT enjoy this if you’ve got a thing for terrible basic cable movies, otherwise I’d avoid this film.

Katherine Montalto is a freelance writer but works various odd jobs to pay the bills such as a chef, candy maker and dog walker. Cake is one of her favorite indulgences. She will travel anywhere at any distance to get it, once even crashing a dinosaur’s birthday party. More of Katherine’s work can be found at

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