Posted: 08/02/2007




by Del Harvey

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An indie feature repackaged for DVD release, Confess employs the plot concepts of information as power, video eavesdropping, and deception.

The story goes something like this… Terell (Byrd), a disillusioned ex-hacker, uses strategically placed spy-cams to capture compromising footage of those who slighted him in the past, broadcasting the video via the Internet. Recognizing its power, and working in tandem with his accomplice Olivia (Larter), Terell targets CEOs, politicians, and members of the power elite. Soon his every action is front-page news, law enforcement has labeled him a new breed of terrorist, and the movement he spawned is now spiraling out of control, and he soon finds himself a victim of his own acts.

Confess stars Ali Larter of TV’s Heroes, Eugene Byrd (8 Mile), and William Sadler (Die Hard 2, The Shawshank Redemption), and releases on DVD August 28th from MTI Home Video. The DVD will include commentary from writer/director Stefan C. Schaefer and biographies of major players involved in the movie.

Del Harvey is a film critic living in Chicago.

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