Posted: 07/04/2011


Bloodlust Zombies


by Jason Coffman

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The seemingly endless stream of low-budget direct-to-disc zombie movies marches ever onward. Bloodlust Zombies hopes to distinguish itself by featuring porn actress Alexis Texas in a lead role that only requires her to be naked for a few minutes. To be fair, Bloodlust Zombies also aims to be a sort of “Office Space with zombies,” but unfortunately that ambition far outpaces the ability of the filmmakers. Still, at least there’s the intention to do something different, which is always appreciated— too many of these films are content just being another lo-fi bloodbath.

Zlantoff Industries is celebrating a major contract brought about by a serum that turns normal people into rampaging murderers. Bobby Lee (Robert Heath) and his young mistress Andrea (Alexis Texas) celebrate in the traditional manner while accidentally broadcasting their tryst to the entire building, which causes a series of spills and mishaps in the research lab. Soon, a cat injected with the serum is spreading the virus and all the employees working late are locked down thanks to the building’s state of the art security system. Bobby Lee heads to the basement to turn on the manual override but mysteriously disappears, leaving department head Judy (Janice Marie) to calm the employees and find out what happened to Bobby Lee.

Meanwhile, Andrea is wandering the halls menaced by infected coworkers while officemates Darren (Adam Danoff), an irredeemable lech, and Sandra (Sarah Dewey) try to figure out the best way out of the building while a temp with a broken leg decides to take action and fight her way out. As the body count rises and the murderous “zombies” grow in number, it’s only a matter of time before a government “clean-up” team arrives to rescue the survivors, but who will survive and will they get overtime for this?

Bloodlust Zombies has no illusions about its nature: it’s barely 75 minutes long and that includes opening and closing credits. In that time there’s a sex scene for Alexis Texas near the beginning so no one gets bored too early, and the slight story is briskly paced. However, this is still a super low-budget “zombie” movie, so many of the familiar pitfalls inherent in the genre are present and accounted for, the primary one being a lack of interesting characters. The acting ranges from the solid to the utterly incompetent (Miss Texas acquits herself just fine, for the most part), but the writing is the real problem. While clearly aiming for a sort of Severance-type office satire, all writer/director Dan Lantz seems to be able to come up with are a series of characters hurling profanities at each other while hanging out in “office clothes.”

There are a few funny bits in Bloodlust Zombies, and at least it knows well enough to stay out of its own way. As mindless entertainment, you could do a lot worse. But if you’re looking for anything other than some cheap gore effects and naked ladies, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

Breaking Glass Pictures releases Bloodlust Zombies on DVD 5 July 2011. Special features include a gag reel, behind-the-scenes featurette, and filmmaker commentary.

Jason Coffman is a film writer living in Chicago. He writes reviews for Film Monthly and “The Crown International Files” for as well as contributing to Fine Print Magazine (

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