Posted: 06/07/2010


Sex and the City 2


by Sawyer J. Lahr

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Any fan of the show will be happy to see the gang back together, more mature in their marriages or in menopause on an escape vacation as only a hundred million dollars and Michael Patrick King could envision it. For Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, sex and the city on HBO meant sex and relationships that centered around NYC as a character. The second installment of what is surely to be a longer movie franchise boils down to a story about women needing distance between marriage and children while still keeping the love.

Contrary to the show, the movies take one of Carry’s lessons of womanhood from one thirty-minute show and produce a flawed 2 1/2 hour melodrama. Those who preferred the HBO program, should have trusted their instincts that the movies wouldn’t be the same. The “girls” might be growing up too fast for the same avid TV fans who got off on the nostalgia of Carrie returning to her old apartment she now owns in the SATC2.Willie Garson (Stanford) described SATC2 as more mature in his interview with Richard Knight of the Windy City Times. If mature means marriage for the second installment, then certainly someone will either lose their husband or get terminal cancer in the follow-up. Meanwhile, the would-be blockbuster will cause New Line and HBO producers to appeal to congress for a bailout.

As for the locale, Abu Dhabi (shot in Morocco) is a culture that has adopted some of the glamour of all inclusive resorts and Western living standards i.e. cell phones and high fashion, but the United Arab Emirates have a long way to imitating a fraction of Western civil and sexual freedoms. Patrick King takes full advantage of the repression to make a mockery of Shia Muslim tradition. Yet the UAE government was never approached about shooting on location there.

The film argues that it’s only the men who care about whether a woman wears or doesn’t wear a veil, fornicates, or publicly displays her sexuality. Bloomberg news said that two Britons were arrested for kissing after being reported by an offended UAE woman. A similar instance occurs in the film when Samantha gets too friendly with an Australian hotel guest who unstraps her Halter top, setting off a Muslim man eating dinner with his wife.

When an escape from wifely, motherly, and professional duties involves a camel ride and a camel toe, it’s time to pack up Global capitalism and return to NYC.

Sawyer J. Lahr is Chief Editor of the forthcoming online publication, Go Over the Rainbow. He also writes a monthly film column for Mindful Metropolis, a conscious living magazine in Chicago, IL.

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