Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns: Season 7

| January 21, 2013

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns: Season 7 highlights the triumphs and travails of a family journeying through life’s adventures. From addressing sensitive health issues, such as HIV transmission from a past lover to the shock of a divorced mother becoming a “Cougar”, thereby dating half her age, there’s an incredible amount of activity in each episode for the viewer to digest in one lump sum. Mr. Brown (Actor and comedian David Mann) is the animated family patriarch outfitted in dated attire. Mr. Brown, who often reminds everyone of his salvation as a Godly-man, can be very ungodly in behavior. He is unabashed with expressing his viewpoint on any subject that arises and on any person that attempts to stand their ground with him. Mr. Brown’s home, one of the main settings for his uproar, is shared with family relatives played by Actress and Gospel Singer Tamela Mann, Actors Lamman Rucker and Denise Boutte of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?, and Juanita Jennings of Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls.

Mr. Brown is employed at the same school as his daughter, Cora, a love child from a one-night stand with Madea. Cora Jean Simmons Brown (Tamela Mann) is a loving school teacher with a rowdy classroom. Mr. Brown is outlandish all the more when he interacts with Cora’s students who make wisecracks at him. Also living at home with Mr. Brown is his nephew, Will Brown (Lamman Rucker), a doctor married to a nurse, Sasha (Denise Boutte) and both work in a retirement home together. Eventually Will and Sasha adopt children and consequently the episodes go down the parenting road. One may wonder why two professionals like Will and Sasha would want to financially commit to adopting children before getting their own apartment or home.

For the academic scholar out there, take things mentally easy with Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns: Season 7 because it is simply a series of comedic episodes, with foreseeable plots padded with teachable moments. Executive Producer Tyler Perry has a faithful track record of rehiring cast from previous undertakings in his multi-million dollar movie and stage play collection. A praiseworthy observation is that the chemistry between the cast appears relaxed and harmonious. It can only help that David & Tamela Mann are a husband and wife team in real life. Guest appearances by celebrities such as Supermodel Beverly Johnson take the blandness away in one episode. Either you enthusiastically love or vehemently bypass on the antics of Mr. Brown and his family.

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