The Guild: Complete Megaset

| October 13, 2013

It’s sitting by my side as I write this: the complete series of The Guild on DVD. Although it’s arguably one of the greatest web series bestowed upon geek culture to date, I’ve honestly some conflicted feelings about receiving the DVD itself. Sure, it brings me great elation to have all six seasons right here to watch and enjoy whenever I want it. But it also brings great sadness, because this is it after all, every episode of The Guild there will ever be.

I certainly don’t mean to suggest that the series’ conclusion was unfulfilling or anything like that. In fact, the conclusion is quite the opposite. What I mean to say is: I was enjoying the ride, damn it! Way back in 2007, this comedy series about a ragtag group of gamers united by a World of Warcraft-type MMO debuted on YouTube. It was notably written by and starring Felicia Day who we (by which I mean Joss Whedon fans specifically) all recognized from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it was damn funny. The producers ran out of money to continue producing the series early on, so they turned to crowd funding, and later secured backing from Microsoft. Suddenly, there was Wil Wheaton as a supporting character in season three, then who-knows-how-many notable guest stars and cameos including Neil Gaiman and Stan Lee in season five, when the Knights of Good traveled to a fan convention. There were battles. There were Master Chiefs. There was a dirigible and a dragon. And then it was over… A wild ride indeed. And now it’s on DVD from Flatiron Film Company.

Some of you are likely thinking that buying The Guild on DVD would be pointless because you can still watch the entire series on Felicia Day’s YouTube page, Geek & Sundry. But allow me to reiterate a point that I am certainly not the first to make: you need to support the media you enjoy. If you like The Guild (or love it as many including myself do), support its creators and their future endeavors by paying for their DVDs. As you can no doubt tell by looking at Geek & Sundry, Day and her friends are still hard at work providing us with new content almost every day! So show your support. Don’t be a freeloader!

What’s more, it’s not like there isn’t any benefit whatsoever to picking up The Guild Complete Megaset. This thing is conveniently loaded with all the special features, including the music videos, “Do You Want to Date My Avatar,” “Game On,” and “I’m the One That’s Cool” as well as making-of featurettes about the videos; a slew of other featurettes; cast and crew interviews; audition footage; gag reels; audio commentaries with the cast, creator, director and producer; table reads; and PDF Files of the scripts. For those of you who have already picked up the first five seasons on DVD, I should note that the discs here are merely repackaged from the previous releases (except that they’ve been unattractively relabeled for some reason) and that Flatiron did release a standalone DVD of season six concurrent with the Megaset.

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