Supergirl: The Complete Second Season

| August 29, 2017

[Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this post. That said, the opinions I share below are my own.]

Though the DC Extended Universe has thus far been met with mixed critical reception, Warner has continued to offer up exceptionally entertaining DC content on television, which they’ve been doing with some consistency ever since Arrow premiered in 2012. After Gotham and the Arrow-connected The Flash premiered in 2014, DC debuted Supergirl on CBS in 2015, and it was immense fun, even if it didn’t wow me like The Flash.

Though at first existing separately from The CW’s Arrowverse, Supergirl has since crossed over with the Arrowverse on two occasions and is set to transition from CBS to The CW for its third season. Clearly the series’ association with the Arrowverse has done Supergirl a lot of good too. The series has veered away from its sweet and cutesy earliest episodes to more closely resemble the Arrowverse’s greatest series, The Flash.

Not only has the narrative of Supergirl become ever-increasingly more complex in its second season, it continues to appeal to me is the same way 1978’s Superman does or the original live action The Flash series from 1990-1991 did.  Watching Supergirl just make me feel like a kid again. It’s sensationalistic. It’s got well-meaning superheroes fighting would-be city-destroying bad guys. Moreover, I care about the characters; I’m invested in their personal relationships and troubles, especially Supergirl’s sister Alex as she comes out to her family mid-season. And most importantly, Supergirl’s tons of fun and now jam-packed with more recognizable DC characters than ever before.

Not only does Martian Manhunter return, but we’re also finally introduced to Superman himself (Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Hoechlin), Lena Luthor, Metallo, Mxyzptlk, the White Martians, and Legion of Superheroes’ Mon-El. And did I mention that Roulette shows up operating an alien fight club?! Add to all that returning guest stars Helen Slater (Supergirl from the 1984 film) and Dean Cain (Superman from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) as Supergirl’s adoptive parents, in addition to series’ newcomers Lynda Carter (TV’s Wonder Woman), Teri Hatcher (Lois from Lois and Clark) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules himself) as Mon-El’s parents, and Supergirl was practically tailor-made for the 10-year-old in me!

If you too want to feel like a kid again or get caught up on Supergirl before the series moves to its new home on The CW, you can own Supergirl: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment today. The set collects all 22 episodes of the series’ second season and the Blu-ray and DVD releases include a handful of special features including:

Supergirl: 2016 Comic-Con Panel

– “Supergirl: Alien Fight Night”

– “Aliens Among Us” featurette

– A Conversation with Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith

– “Supergirl Lives” Audio Commentary with Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith

– “Supergirl: Did You Know? Facts for Fans”

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