Rental Magica

| September 13, 2012

Rental Magica is the story of the Astral magician rental company and its second president, Itsuki Iba. Itsuki is the son of the original president, thus inheriting the reigns although not actually a mage himself. Even with not having normal magical powers, this does not mean that he is completely helpless when it comes to fighting the enemies they are hired to fight. Itsuki possesses something that not only helps win fights, it can also destroy its possesser. Between this and the fact that he knows nothing about running a mage rental service, what is in store for Itsuki?

Rental Magica features different kinds of magic, associated with a each character. This aspect of the show adds variety to the story telling. It also helps to create a dynamic team within the Astral company. The characters have to work together and play to each others strengths in order to make the most of their abilities. Throughout the show you will learn what the characters abilities are and begin seeing ways in which they may be able to work together to beat the next foe.

The art and character design in Rental Magica is beautiful. The characters exhibit visually much of their character traits. For instance, Itsuki is drawn simple and friendly, which are large parts of his character. But there is something tough, powerful, and a little scary hiding under his eye patch. Many of the other characters have this duplicity not only in their characters but also in the art and character designs. This adds a layer to the anime which may not exist’ if it weren’t for the great art design.

There are two ways in which you can view Rental Magica. The broadcast order and the chronological order. Rental Magica was originally aired out of chronological order with the exception of a few episodes in the middle. Watching it in the different versions will create a different viewing experience. By watching in the broadcast order you will find out the information about the characters out of order. Meeting some characters and events in orders that may not make full sense until you see other episodes later. The affect adds an interesting aspect to the viewing experience. More of your own interpretation is made through the out of order viewing, you create opinions before you know all the aspects of the events. This makes the viewing experience more individualized. Watching it in chronological order will create a more traditional viewing experience.

This Nozomi release of Rental Magica has Japanese language with on screen English subtitles. The features included in the set include the broadcast and chronological order for viewing, character biographies, special promo, commercial spot, a trailer for part two made for the U.S. release, clean opening and closing, as well as trailers for other Nozomi releases.

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