Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Seventh and Final Season

| July 31, 2017

Well, it happened. After seven seasons, the Liars finally receive their moment of relief after years of terrorizing from “A.”

Or did they?

Emily, Allison, Hannah and Spencer have seemingly been through it all. Betrayal. Deceit. Violence. Imprisonment. And all between the ages of 16-25. This obviously left fans wondering: just what tricks do the creators of Pretty Little Liars have left up their sleeve this final season?

Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars revolves around finding the identity of “Uber A.” Fans will remember that “Uber A” is concerned with who killed Charolette Drake – the original “A.”

As with each season of the show, nearly everyone is a suspect.

Internet rumors were rampant with theories of who “Uber A” could be. Melissa, Spencer’s sister, has appeared during suspicious moments. Plus, she has always been jealous of Spencer. Or there is the mysterious Mary Drake, who is always clad in a foreboding black. What about Lucas, who has lent the Liars his loft to stay in. Could these be lingering feelings for Hannah – or a way to keep an eye on the girls? Maybe even, as many excitedly feared, “Uber A” is one of the Liars themselves?

The Pretty Little Liars showrunners, once again, are able to maintain suspense until the final episode.

This leads one to wonder: what kept Pretty Little Liars fresh for the better part of a decade? The answer is, as the title suggests, duplicity. Creator I. Marlene King, the writers, and talented crew presumably crafted the show for young adolescent girls in high school. Speaking from personal experience, the result attracts a much wider demographic. Notice the many Hitchcock – even Francois Truffaut! – references. Take time to appreciate the teacher-student relationship of Ezra-Aria (Sparia) and lesbian relationship of Emily-Alison (Emilson). Also, the always witty, daring, and compelling dialogue. As mentioned in various interviews with the cast as well as I. Marlene King herself, this is thanks to the quid pro quo of fans and Pretty Little Liars‘ creators. The show has remained must-see because the goal was to improve and grow with audience taste, not just appease it.

Many internet rumors guessed the show’s ending – Uber A’s identity – long before the final episode. Despite their clairvoyance, these fans undoubtedly continued to watch until the finale. The show, of course, is appealing because it pulls the strings of melodrama and murder-mystery fun. Yet it also gives the audience characters that are always funny, have the ability to frustrate fans, and ultimately deserve a happy ending.

The final episode concludes in a mirror of the how it all began. Ironically, we remain anxious to dedicate yet another seven seasons with the Liars.

Pretty Little Liars: The Seventh and Final Season is now available on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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