Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Silver Warrior

| February 10, 2015

Lionsgate’s second home video release of Power Rangers Super Megaforce collects the 5th through 8th episodes of Power Rangers’ 21st season (including “Samurai Surprise,” “Soul of the Tiger,” “Silver Lining” and “Silver Lining, Part Two”). Like the Super Megaforce release before it, the Silver Warrior DVD is presented barebones, entirely bereft of special features. However, the episodes themselves offer the same incredible glut of head-scratching blunders and missed opportunities that I’ve come to expect from the Megaforce Saga.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably the best Megforce I’ve seen to date. “Samurai Surprise,” which opens the collection, sets itself up to be the single best episode of Megaforce/Super Megaforce to date. After all, right out of the gate, Megaforce Rangers Noah and Jake run into Samurai/Super Samurai’s Master Ji. It’s no secret by this point, of course, that I find the two seasons of Samurai to be perhaps the best realized arc in Rangers history, while Megaforce pales tragically in comparison. The prospect of spicing things up with an infusion of Samurai was certainly the most exciting thing I’d seen in the series. Then Red Samurai Ranger Jayden shows up out of nowhere to talk with the Rangers and I’m like, “Oh, it’s on, son! Let’s get these Megaforce and Samurai Rangers fighting side-by-side!”

The disappointing thing is, though, they never do that. Not even close. But I suppose it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, should it? As I understand Super Megaforce, the Megaforce Rangers have now inherited all the past Rangers’ powers and have become their custodians—including powers that by all rights shouldn’t exist anymore but we won’t get into that here. So what does Super Megaforce do with Jayden and Ji instead, two characters from a far superior and exponentially cooler series of Rangers? They just have Jayden and Ji sit there and look on as the Rangers battle some random baddie and Jayden’s all like, “The Earth is safe now!” Then they ride off on motorcycles.

To that I say: listen here, Megaforce! While the Ji and Jayden motorcycle thing was admittedly pretty cool, don’t pretend like you’re the superior season for even a second! Because at no point in Samurai did any Ranger say anything as series-breakingly dumb as that which the Rangers go on to say in “Silver Lining.” But I’ll get to that.

After the Megaforce Rangers meet Ji and Jayden, they then meet the Red Ranger from Wild Force (who also frustratingly doesn’t fight alongside them) in “Spirit of the Tiger.” The very next episode of the series, “Silver Lining,” finds the Megaforce Rangers’ efforts to fight the evil alien armada stifled by a mysterious benefactor who’s taken care of the aliens himself before the Rangers can arrive. At some point, the Rangers ask one witness what happened there and they’re told that the Silver Ranger stopped the aliens. The Rangers respond with an incredulous “what?!”, before announcing confidently that there’s “no such thing!”

Um, excuse me? No such thing as a Silver Ranger there, Megaforce? You sure about that? What about the Silver Space Ranger from Power Rangers in Space? Or how about RPM’s Silver Ranger?! Note that not only do both of them clearly have the word “Silver” in their names, but also that the world of Megaforce is a world in which all the Rangers from seasons 1-19 actually existed! If they hadn’t, the Megaforce Rangers wouldn’t have any powers. There’s “no such thing” as a Silver Ranger, Megaforce? Congratulations, you’ve just undermined the entire premise of your series, guys.

What started off as the most promising four episodes of the series with the appearance of Master Ji thus quickly turns headache-inducingly self-defeating. And yet, in spite of this madness these four episodes still manage to give us probably the most interesting element in Megaforce thus far: Orion, the Silver Ranger. Orion’s story may be trite, his seeking vengeance against the armada for destroying his planet and all, but at least he has a story, right? So that’s a step at least. What they do with Orion from here on out though will determine if Megaforce is capable of offering even the most elementary of narratives, something that’d mark a welcome departure from the old Megaforce ways.

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