Power Rangers Samurai: Christmas Together, Friends Forever

| October 14, 2012

Lionsgate’s bizarre home video release schedule for Power Rangers Samurai persists with the October 16, 2012 release of Christmas Together, Friends Forever, the second of two releases in a row compiling three holiday-themed episodes of Power Rangers with a single Samurai episode at its core. Of course, for as much I’ve complained about this bonkers schedule, I can’t tell you how excited I am about the upcoming Lionsgate release of the entire season of Super Samurai on Blu-ray in December (in spite of the fact that they’re skipping over half the episodes of Samurai to get there). So that should be good times even if this is not, and boy is it ever not!

First thing’s first, before we even dive in to the problems with the episodes themselves, the episode of Samurai featured in this set, “Christmas Together, Friends Forever,” is presented in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio. That’s fullscreen. Samurai is a widescreen series. You see the problem. Secondly, just like the Halloween episode that serves as the centerpiece of the previous release, Monster Bash, “Christmas Together” is a freakin’ clip show. So not only are there two clip shows rounding out the 22-episode season of Power Rangers, the only episodes Lionsgate has released from this season have been the first eight consecutive episodes and these two disparate clip shows that aired after the season’s official narrative concluded. How aggravating is that? Fortunately, if you haven’t seen the episodes between episode eight and these clips shows, there really aren’t many spoilers here in comparison to the Halloween episode. Unfortunately, nothing happens in this episode at all.

The remaining two episodes on this DVD include a forgettable Christmas episode from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (“I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger”) and a rather obnoxious one from Power Rangers Zeo (“A Season to Remember”). Neither of these episodes is particularly noteworthy, I’m afraid. What’s more, two of the three special features included here are recycled from the first two volumes of Samurai released by Lionsgate: the series of “Train like a Ranger” promos and the curious “Power Rangers Swarm” promotional dance routine filmed at some sort of industry event or other. The final special feature, “Mega Bloks Holiday Toymation,” however, is pretty cool. It features a Mega Bloks Red Ranger battling Dayu for a Christmas present the villain stole from him. Unfortunately, the bit is only 43 seconds long and therefore hardly worth purchasing this release for. In short, I recommend you avoid this DVD. Save your money for the upcoming Super Samurai Blu-ray release, which will no doubt be terrific!

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