Ouran High School Host Club

| July 1, 2012

No matter what your type, Ouran High School Host Club has the boy you’re looking for. Whether you like the romantic prince, twins with brotherly love, a beautiful lolita boy, the mysterious quiet type, or the intelligent man lost in his thoughts. If that is not right for you, how about the boy, who really seems to understand the ways girls think and just the right thing to say to make you feel wonderful. In the Host Club, Haruhi is one of those boys. Haruhi seems to be so good someone might think she was a girl, but we learn that, he is!

The student body at Ouran High School are from families of influence and wealth. Sometimes the school allows students to attend on a merit scholarship. Haruhi Fujioka is one of those students, dressed in a male uniform and with short hair, she keeps mainly to herself focusing on her studies. One day she stumbles into a room she thinks is unoccupied, to her dismay she gets bombarded by the boys in the Host Club, subsequently breaking an expensive vase. The boys offer to pay for it but in order to pay them back Haruhi must become a member in their club and work it off.

Ouran High School Host Club is full of great comedy and character development. At first glance, the cast of characters appears to simply be a list of different romantic leads. As the story progresses you see that there is more to them then first thought. The boys were chosen for the Host Club because they fit the expectations of what the romantic leads would look like. Much of the comedy comes as the boys in the Host Club play into their stereotypes, especially when you begin to learn more about them as individuals.

Beneath the comedy there is a story of acceptance. Not only do the wealthy boys have to learn to accept someone who is not, Haruhi must learn to accept that there is more to life than just academics. Although it is important for her to finish school, and do well, she learns through the Host Club that it is okay to have some fun along the way. This aspect of the story gives depth to the comedy, making the comedy more believable.

The three-disc, Anime Classics Blu-ray set of Ouran High School Host Club from FUNimation includes twenty-six episodes and a few special features. The special features include commentaries from the English cast, Ouran High School Host Club manga pages, outtakes, textless songs, and trailers. Although the packaging is not as flashy as the releases in the past, this release of Ouran is compact with reversible cover art.

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