One Piece: Season Seven, Voyage Two

| October 12, 2015

There are sections within the massive One Piece storyline that act as major growth points for its central characters, as well as pivotal in world building. The Alabasta arc in season 2 is where the Straw Hats make their mark and raise their respectable bounties. Another being the Enies Lobby arc, where the crew makes it a point to directly oppose the World Government for the first time. In this latest one, the Sabaody Archipelago arc, the series decides to place major roadblocks for the entire crew, as well as expand on much of the One Piece universe. While each of these Voyage sets from Funimation only contain 13 episodes, Season Seven is one of the strongest seasons of One Piece thus far and Season Seven,Voyage Two is veritable proof of the show’s legacy, popularity and ingenuity in this long running shonen series.

Due to Luffy’s actions at the auction house in Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hats are placed in dire straights and must do what they can to escape from the local marines, as well as another Admiral. Their run in with Aokiji was light in comparison with what Admiral Kizaru does with not only to the Straw Hats, but the other Eleven Supernovas who are also on the Archipelago. While the crew has faced opposition many times before, never have they faced the Marines in this capacity. Luffy makes a decision that affects the entire crew like never before and must come to terms with what he presents. From this point on, things will never be the same for the Straw Hat pirates and must do whatever they can in order to survive.

From the action to the major story development of our pirate heroes, One Piece Season Seven, Voyage Two contains some of the best episodes of the series, expands on many aspects of the overall story and moves many of the characters into situations that we’ve never seen before. While there are a few fantastic episodes of filler in the set, the main line episodes contained within are just brimming with adventure from end to end. Never have they had to face such odds, directly at the hands of the Marines, as well as one of the central antagonists of the show. There was a playfulness to what Admiral Aokiji and his ice powers had to offer in the midst of the Water 7/Enies Lobby arc. None of that is found in Admiral Kizaru’s attack, who insane light powers shows no kind of mercy to any pirates that are on the island, especially the Straw Hats.

There many “Shonen Jump” shows that come and go, but none are as unique, engaging and brilliant as One Piece is. Just in these few episodes are but a few examples of the time and effort that one can take in leaping into this world. While it still may be daunting to others, especially if one sees the numbered episodes that are included in this set, I can assure you that One Piece is a series that is worth both one’s time and effort. Highly Recommended!

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