One Piece: Season Four-Voyage Three

| December 31, 2012

Having gone and reviewed over 200 episodes of One Piece, it still astounds me that this series, while being a straight forward Shonen title, manages to still captivate and deliver some of the most emotional punches than any other series I’ve ever seen. Major stakes get raised and the adventure even more eventful, with the Straw Hats Crew in the city of Water 7. While trying to find a shipwright to join them and get the Going Merry fixed, Nico Robin mysteriously goes missing. Luffy speaks to the Galley-La company, the finest shipwrights in the city and they give him the bad news that the Going Merry might not last another journey, due to the damage its sustained. This places Luffy and Usopp at odds with one another, leading to a duel between them, that will decide the fate of their beloved ship. With their ship broken, crew members gone and a local gang called The Franky Family, that has stollen a bunch of their money, the Straw Hats are placed in very tough spot that makes Season Four: Voyage Three another marvelous entry in the One Piece series.

As a huge fan and champion of this show, this set is filled with an incredible amount of reward and situations that one could only get for following this gang of misfits for this long. There’s a tremendous amount of incredible animation and a few battles that make this set a real feast for the eyes. The battle between Luffy and Usopp is impressive, as well as providing a level of drama that I never saw coming. So far, this Water 7 arc has been a real treat and is highlighting plenty of the fantasy elements really well, along with adding a ton of eccentric characters that are both interesting in their designs and what they add to the ongoing plot of the series. With the inclusion of the Galley-La company, Mayor Iceberg and Franky, the cyborg leader of the Franky Family, there’s a new found vitality within this season, that manages to add new dynamics that keep the show both incredibly entertaining and feel more vibrant than ever.

This set is just as minimal in its extras, much like all of the other Voyage sets that have preceded it. There are episode commentaries for episodes 233 and 236, along with textless intros and outros and a few trailers to round it out. There’s so many great things going on in this set, that it doesn’t even matter that its not bursting at the seams with extra content. So far, Voyage One and Two showed a bit of promise, as to what a great season this would this would be. Not only does Voyage Three fulfill that, but it invokes some brilliant story elements, fantastic character development to the Straw Hats themselves and raises the stakes in a way that I never saw coming. If you’ve been along for the ride, be sure to be delighted once you bestow yourself upon this latest entry of a brilliant Shonen series. Highly Recommended! 

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