One Piece: Season Four, Voyage Four

| March 19, 2013

Containing some fulfilling backstory, a great amount of intense action and some great plot development, One Piece: Season Four, Voyage Four is another winner and a continuation of the greatness that makes up this shonen masterpiece. Trying their best to clear their names and finding out the true reasons for Robin’s betrayal, the Straw Hats try to stop the second attempt on Iceburg’s life. In the process, they find out that the people behind the assassination is a mysterious group called Cipher Pol. 9, field operatives that are able to carry out secret missions from the World Government. They are in search of the blueprints to the weapon, Pluton, so that the government may have control over its destructive power. With so many things hanging in the balance, the Straw Hats try their best to save the day, amidst a giant storm that approaches Water 7. Containing episodes 242-252, One Piece: Season Four, Voyage Four manages to be rewarding on multiple levels, including the actual DVD set.

All ten episodes in this set are well paced and offer a wealth of material, that will make any rabid One Piece fan happy. The action and story are really well paced and offer some incredible insight to the Nico Nico Robin, Franky and Iceburg characters. There are a few moments in during CP9’s attack, that are on the lower quality side of animation, but other portions look much better, which evens the animation enough. While the crew is always going up against the threat of various enemies, this is the first time that the Straw Hats are dealing with the crookedness of the World Government. It presents a fantastic addition to the crew’s rogues gallery and gives the Straw Hats reason enough to get stronger and get their friend and crew member back. Like most backstories in One Piece, Franky’s is another good one, not only giving us his tragic background, but the reasons behind multiple characters motives and an understanding about Water 7 itself.

Funimation has always presented this series with a minimal amount of extras thus far on Season Four, but in this set, they’ve managed to include videos that make me look forward to the next few sets. The “On The Boat” segments with voice actors Brina Palencia (Tony Tony Chopper) and Eric Johnson (Sanji) are fantastic and are just the right things to include in a set like this. While being somewhat candid, both voice actors speak on how they can relate to their characters and things that they enjoy about working on a show like One Piece. I don’t even really listen to the dub that much, but hearing the way that these two actors feel about their roles, certainly made me want to hear more of their performances. There’s also the inclusion of textless intro and outro songs, as well as a few trailers for upcoming releases from Funimation.

This set is certainly a highlight in season 4 of One Piece, a series that I appreciate greatly, the more I watch. If you’ve already been on the One Piece bandwagon, then this set will be a real treat. If you haven’t, do yourself a huge favor and start at the beginning and entertain yourself with one of the most popular anime series of all time, that anyone is sure to enjoy. Highly Recommended! 

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