One Piece: Season Five, Voyage Four Review

| December 5, 2013

The battle for Nico Nico Robin comes to a close, as the Straw Hat Pirates duke it out with both the Marine forces and the assassin group, CP9, at Enies Lobby. With the Buster Call in full effect, the Straw Hats must effectively dodge the oncoming attacks, as well as protect themselves from various Captains and Marines. As this is going on, Luffy goes toe to toe, with CP9’s strongest member, Rob Lucci, in an all out battle, that rivals any of the previous duels he faced before. One Piece: Season Five, Voyage Four contains massive battles, character growth and fond farewells from comrades that make this boxed set all the worth while for One Piece fans.

As with any great storyline in One Piece, this latest boxed set gives a well rounded approach to cap off the latest storyline. From character’s origins, like Rob Lucci’s, to the trials that both Robin and Going Merry have endured, these last few episodes of the season do a fantastic job at reminding fans on what makes this group of character’s worth following. The battle between Luffy and Rob Lucci is also pretty well animated, using some great work to showcase Luffy’s rubber powers and Lucci’s Six Powers and transformations. Another great thing about the Enies Lobby storyline in general, is that it effectively raises the bar on everything that’s happened to the Straw Hats thus far. They actively declare war on the World Government, they face a group of assassins that force them to become stronger and they wage a war for one of their friends, on a scale like nothing thus far in the series.

This DVD set from Funimation contains plenty of the usual extras, with textless intro and outros, trailers for other shows and commentaries. There is one thing that is rather strange, concerning the “On the Boat” segment, where ADR Director Mike McFarland interviews a voice actor on the series. The one that appears on this release is one with Brina Palencia, who does the voice for Tony Tony Chopper. The weird thing is that this same video appeared on the Season Four, Voyage Four release. I don’t know if this was an error on Funimation’s behalf, but it seems rather odd to repeat a video interview, with so much talent on the cast or just omit the segment completely.

This release is just another fantastic entry in One Piece, a brilliant long running show, that I never would have imagined I would enjoy so much. With this release containing episode 300, in where I still find myself engaged in a way that I’ve never been before, then that’s all the proof you need coming from me on how well done this anime is. Highly Recommended!

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