One Piece: Season Five, Voyage Five Review

| February 6, 2014

While it can be extremely difficult to find the words to emphasize how great a show is to an unknowing audience, especially after writing a bunch of reviews for it, I somehow still find the means to write about how amazing One Piece is. After wrapping up a major battle at Enies Lobby in the last story arc, the Straw Hats find themselves in recovery mode at Water 7. While in the process of the Straw Hats gaining a new ship, major players behind the scenes, in both the World Government and various pirates, begin to assemble and create plans to see into the New World. While there isn’t much action in this boxed set, Season Five, Voyage Five uses a multitude of elements in order to expand on the world and gear up for the next upcoming storyline.

The first few episodes eases the audience into having a good time with the Straw Hats at Water 7.  It is here that we get to see them interact with one another on much calmer terms, than those found in Enies Lobby. We also get reacquainted with Coby, Helmeppo and Luffy’s grandfather, Admiral Monkey D. Garp, three characters whom we haven’t seen in the series for quite sometime. It was pretty refreshing to see all three of them and how they’ve grown since we’ve seen them last. The hijinks between Garp and Luffy are hysterical and make for some good comedy.

The most interesting aspects come from the meeting between Shanks and Whitebeard, two of the strongest pirates in the series thus far. Their interactions suggest that there are bigger things in play and that the Straw Hats are just new fish in a much larger pond. This element certainly makes the long time viewer feel much more rewarded and thrilled about the upcoming arcs and how they’ll expand on not only the world, but the rich characters that are contained within.

There are few episodes of filler and plenty of moments within the episodes when flashbacks are used. In terms of the filler, its pretty easy to skip out on them, seeing how they are just used as an excuse to showcase some elements when the characters are out shopping for supplies for the new ship. While the flashbacks are many, they’re much more important in showing the relations between characters showing up again from the very beginning of the show, to illustrating the how things were before and how much they’ve changed or going to change in the upcoming story arc.

The special features contain 2 different episode commentaries by the English dub cast and crew and a behind the scenes look with Colleen Clinkenbeard. The behind the scenes is extremely insightful into the dub process and the preparation it takes to not only voice act, but also the production aspects of what goes into adapting a series into English.

This set was a very nice conclusion to the Enies Lobby arc and a perfect transition into the wonderful things to come in the next batch of One Piece episodes. While it’s not a perfect jumping on point for viewers, it’s a great entry in this long lasting series. Highly Recommended! 

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