One Piece Collection No.7

| August 30, 2012

With the inclusion of interesting ways to use dials, the introduction to the main villain and the intricate nature of air combat, One Piece Collection No. 7 is another fantastic addition to the One Piece catalog. After Luffy takes care of the White Berets, Nami, Chopper, Robin and Zoro are whisked off by a giant crab, to be sacrificed at the altar in Upper Yard, where Skypiea’s God resides. Luffy, Usopp and Sanji try to find a way to get them back, but traveling to Upper Yard means they’ll have to go through the one of the four ordeals that are headed by the priests of Skypiea. Meanwhile, the indigenous natives of Upper Yard, called Shandians, are waging war against the God of Skypiea, who turns out to be Eneru, a powerful master of lightning that controls the citizens through fear and power. It’s up to the Straw Hats, former God of Skypiea, Gan Fall and the Shandians to stop Eneru and his four priests, before they plummet Skypiea back to the sea. One Piece Collection No. 7 contains episodes 157 through 182 of the long running shonen show and some of the best episodes yet.

This set gets to a great start by having half of the crew separated to different parts of Skypiea, not only to raise the stakes for the show, but to continue to explore the floating island with two sets of groups. One thing that I just fell in love with was the clever use of dials for sky combat. While the previous set showed various dials that made for some interesting inventions, their use through sky combat just made me fall in love with One Piece all over again, through its inventiveness of its world and crafty imagination that has shown me something new in all of the years I’ve been watching anime. Eneru and his four priests make for some pretty solid villains in this arc and do a good job with each of their stand offs with each of the Straw Hats.

This collection comes with the same stuff that all of the previous sets have, which include a few episode commentaries, textless intro and outro videos and trailers for other Funimation shows. If it was any other boxed set of anime, I’d likely complain that they’re not enough extra features to round out the set. With the One Piece Collections, the sheer volume of episodes and the greatness contained within them are more than enough to satisfy the anime fan within. Where other lengthy shows would have gotten stale by this episode count, One Piece still manages to captivate me even more as the series moves along. While extremely daunting and a timely investment, the One Piece Collections are a real treat and after seeing One Piece Collection No.7, I can easily say that this set just reinforces all of the fun and imagination that every anime fan should be taking a part of. Highly Recommended!

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