Maria Watches Over Us Season 2: Printemps

| November 16, 2012

The second season of Maria Watches Over Us brings us to a change in the Yamayuri Council. The Lady Roses are getting ready to graduate and will be handing the reigns off to the next group of girls. This is a stressful and fun time for all of the girls involved. How will the souers make the Lady Roses’ exit from Lillian Academy wonderful and how will they all cope with the new responsibilities that are coming their way? Oh, and don’t forget we still have all this relationship drama to deal with!

Yumi has just gotten used to her position within the Rose family and it is now about to change. Has she grown enough as a person to deal not only with loosing the Lady Roses but also with the new responsibilities that will be coming her way as Rosa Chinensis en bouton? Following Yumi has not gotten boring, her character is so loveable and cute that we really want her to be happy. She is also a little naive and doesn’t see her own worth and strengths. Yumi’s character is really established as one that many people will be able to identify. (The other great thing is, if you don’t really identify with Yumi, there are plenty of other girls for you to identify with who are just as important to the show.) This ability to identify with the characters on a personal level makes creates a love for them and the series. As a ‘slice-of-life’ anime, this aspect is important because many of the episodes deal with events that could feel unimportant if we do not associate with the characters and their feelings.

So, what of the relationships? Along with the vaguely romantic aspects, we are now getting a little deeper into how the girls feel about each other, particularly Yumi and Sachiko as they begin to know each other better. Among the council there is a good example of the different relationships that the girls can have with each other; the adoration relationship like Yumi and Sachiko, the sister like love of Rei and Yoshino, and the best friend relationship of Shimako and new comer Noriko. Again, here is another example of how you can relate to the show. Perhaps you had a friend in high school that fit into one of these relationships? Or maybe you had a couple of these? It is nice to see these relationships played out in a universal manner, with the kinds of ups and downs that would go along with them.

The Nozomi release of Maria Watches Over Us Printemps contains the entire second season on four discs. It also contains Special 1-6, Liner notes, scene access and Nozomi Entertainment Trailers.

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