Lucifer: The Complete Second Season

| August 28, 2017

[Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a copy of the DVD I reviewed in this post. That said, the opinions I share below are my own.]

Based on the Sandman spin-off comics, Lucifer (2000-2006), from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, the Fox television series Lucifer comes to us from producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Lucifer’s first season found Lucifer Morningstar having abandoned Hell in favor of running a nightclub in The City of Angels. After joining forces with LAPD Det. Chloe Decker, Lucifer’s “ability to draw out people’s forbidden desires” found him serving as something of a partner in crime-fighting to Chloe. Like an NCIS if the lead happened to be the ruler of Hell, Lucifer offered up a police procedural with a supernatural edge.

Like most live action DC series on television today, Lucifer is a series that just gets better and better, even if it does so at a slower rate than others. My issue with the first season was that, while I found myself absorbed by the supernatural elements, the episodic nature of Lucifer’s average killer-of-the-week police procedural format kept it from living up to its potential. Because, when I say the format is average, I mean just that. The police procedural elements of the series were (and are even in the second season) run-of-the-mill at best, unbefitting a series that’s equally about the universal balance of good and evil.

That said, Lucifer made a serious late-season tonal shift at the end of season one, shifting slightly away from police procedural in favor of the more supernatural elements at the writers’ disposal. Luckily, that shift continues throughout the second season, as Lucifer’s mother—the Goddess of creation—joins Lucifer in L.A. following her escape from Hell. Though Lucifer still bandies about with the LAPD solving crimes police procedural-style, Lucifer, Maze and Amenadiel’s efforts to return his mother to Heaven to spite his father keep the supernatural at the forefront of the series where it belongs. And as the season nears its climax, Lucifer’s quest to reclaim and reignite the flaming sword he would use to smash through the pearly gates finds us getting our first glance of what the series’ God might be like, which makes for some thrilling television.

Lucifer’s lackluster first season paved the way for what’s shaping up to be a consistently enjoyable binge-watching experience. Here’s hoping the series continues this trend the supernatural, which the second season finale sure seems to be pointing toward. The more of Heaven and Hell we get in season three, the better!

If you want to get prepped for what’s likely to be the best season of Lucifer by far should season three live up to the promise of the season two finale, you can own Lucifer: The Complete Second Season on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment today. Special features on the home video release of The Complete Second Season include:

– the Lucifer: 2016 Comic-Con Panel

­- “Reinventing Lucifer in the City of Angels” featurette

– Deleted Scenes

– Gag Reel

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