Laverne and Shirley: The Seventh Season

| February 5, 2014

Join two best friends “doing it their way” when Laverne & Shirley – The Seventh Season arrives on DVD. Starring Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams in their iconic title roles, the latest collection comes packed with special features, including a sidesplitting gag reel and episode promos. Follow bright-eyed, naive and demure Shirley Feeney (Williams) and brassy, tough-talking, street smart Laverne De Fazio (Marshall) as they date an array of questionable men, tolerate their dippy, loony neighbors Lenny and Squiggy, and endeavor as always to “make all their dreams come true.” Including all 22 episodes on a three-disc set, Laverne & Shirley – The Seventh Season is a must-own for fans of the beloved classic sitcom.

These two are hilarious, and to watch an old fashioned sitcom, where no one is calling someone else a bitch is very refreshing. Episode after episode, Laverne and Shirley get into predicaments, but at the end, they have each others back, and they prevail.

They tickle through a situation in “Friendly Persuasion” where they meet Charles Grodin, and Shirley thinks that he wants her job at the department store, while, of course, Laverne is trying to date him. After visiting their apartment, where Grodin also meets the other buddies, he is grateful to get out of there in one piece.

“In Teenage Lust,” Shirley is tricked into falling for a college student, and she reels Laverne in on a double date, which ends up with the young men still accompanying the two of them home. Against their better judgment, they even make a future date with the boys. Their antics so remind me of Lucy and Ethel, even though from another era.

In “The Defiant One,” check that 1, Shirley is taken by a bank robber, played by Richard Moll, when she just happens to be outside Bardwell’s Department Store on a break one day. They are forced together after the cops handcuff them to each other and the bank robber decides to make a run for it. Shirley tries to be a gracious hostess when they end up at the apartment and the bank robber wants food. She orders out from the restaurant that Laverne’s father owns, and she uses code that eventually brings help.

Another episode starring Jeff Goldblum and titled “Watch the Fur Fly” has Shirley falling for a furrier, again against her better judgment. She meets him after Laverne starts dating Jeff Goldblum who drives a tour bus and is fascinated because Laverne has lied and said she speaks at least seven languages. The girls again persevere, after Shirley takes speed classes to learn certain phrases from a few languages—enough to get them by.

Even though there are different circumstances with the two, Laverne often seems to end up on the couch in the apartment “deep kissing” someone, while Shirley is guarded in her relationship with Carmine. But in one episode, Shirley throws all caution to the wind and plans a wedding ceremony, complete with forced marriage proposal. In the end, however, she and Carmine are pronounced “boyfriend and girlfriend” until a later time in this episode called “I Do, I Don’t.”

I loved this series, and I loved Laverne and Shirley when it originally aired.

There are nearly nine hours of fun packed into this DVD set, which is available February 4. Check out Laverne & Shirley – The Seventh Season on



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