Justice League Action

| October 10, 2017

The first 26 episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series Justice League Action are now available on home video in a 2-DVD set from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment. The series brings together an unprecedented cast of DC Comics characters with a who’s who of voice talent that makes this an absolute dream for fans of the brand. That is, provided you’re not averse to short-form programming, because these 26 episodes clock in at a mere ten minutes each sans commercials.

Given the bite-size nature of these episodes (making them ideal for kids’ pre-school viewing, I find), Justice League Action lives up to its name. At ten minutes each, these episodes afford series writers—among them is DC legend Paul Dini, by the way—little time to develop the episode’s conflict, much less set it up and resolve it on either end. So it’s straight into that titular action with often no more than a minute or two of setup and it’s breakneck storytelling all the way to the end.

The series’ short format also allows for some welcome experimentation you wouldn’t expect to find in a longer form series. The writers use the freedom the format gives them to throw in heaps of delicious, delicious fan service. And so characters and set pieces show up in Action that you’d never expect to see in a mainstream Cartoon Network television show, simply because they’re not mainstream enough. For example, my favorite episode I’ve seen thus far, “Trick or Threat,” is set in the House of Mystery, complete with caretaker Cain! And if you don’t know what that is or who that is, then you probably don’t know Klarion the Witch Boy, who turns Batman, Zatanna, Doctor Fate and John Constantine into kids in the episode. And if you don’t, that’s okay. Because that’s there for geeks like me while Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman and the rest are there to appeal to everyone across the board. So there’s a little something for everybody in Justice League Action and a lotta something for we geek-folk!

Add to this an incredible voice cast, many of whom reprise roles they previously made iconic in DC Animated series, and you’ve got the makings of a series that I find absolutely marathon-worthy. The cast includes the voices of Batman and The Joker, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, alongside Patton Oswalt, Sean Astin, Hannibal Burress, Gilbert Gottfried (as Mxyzptlk of course), Cloris Leachman, Thomas Lennon, Carl Reiner, Christian Slater, Brent Spiner, Tara Strong, Peter Stormare, and a list that goes on and on and on! The whole thing is a fanboy’s (or fangirl’s) dream.

So if any of this sounds as squee-worthy to you as it is to me, then throw down the fifteen bucks and plow through the 290 minutes of Warner/DC’s DVD release of Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 like I am even as I write this.

Episodes in the set include:

  1. Classic Rock
  2. Power Outage
  3. Night of the Bat
  4. Abate and Switch
  5. Follow That Space Cab!
  6. Nuclear Family Values
  7. Zombie King
  8. Galaxy Jest
  9. Time Share
  10. Under a Red Sun
  11. Play Date
  12. Repulse
  13. Trick or Threat
  14. Speed Demon
  15. Hat Trick
  16. Field Trip
  17. Luthor in Paradise
  18. Plastic Man Saves the World
  19. Rage of the Red Lanterns
  20. Freezer Burn
  21. The Trouble with Truth
  22. Inside Job
  23. Double Cross
  24. Battle for the Bottled City
  25. Garden of Evil
  26. All Aboard the Space Train

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