Inspector George Gently, Series 4

| July 19, 2012

The fourth series of the acclaimed period British mystery series in which an upstanding detective takes on a dangerous world in 1960s England.

Martin Shaw, stalwart star of many a Brit TV series, is perhaps at his very best as Inspector George Gently, an old school detective learning the crazy ways of the young people all around him in the upbeat and swinging 60’s England. For example, it has taken him a few seasons to become used to his assistant and partner, DS John Bacchus, an ambitious yet at times frivolous young detective with whom he discovers he has more in common with than at first thought.

By the latest, their fourth season, Gently and Bacchus and their world have become so familiar and so appealing that we fans only hope there will be more shows yet to come. There are parallels to be found in their world which are cannily familiar. If that weren’t enough, there is the joy of watching these two odd ducks muscle their way through whatever odd mystery is thrown at them. By now we have grown to love our awkward 60’s gentlemen as much as we enjoy a few hours playing hooky in their world. Come back soon, George and John.

Inspector George Gently, Series 4 includes the following episodes.

Episode 1 – Upside Down:

A schoolgirl’s killing brings Gently into the alien world of pop and media celebrity when it turns out the victim’s best friend is a rising TV star. Bacchus suspects the dead girl’s music teacher, since rumours persist that she was having an affair with him. But when it seems everyone has a different opinion of the girl, Gently must uncover these different faces to get to the truth of her murder.

Episode 2 – Good-bye China:

The detective looks into the suspicious death of old friend and informant China, when he is told conflicting reasons for the man’s demise by the coroner and the nurse who tended him in his final few hours. The investigation leads him to the local police station, where it becomes clear the officers are hiding something – and to complicate matters, the disappearance of a teenage boy is also linked to the case.

This program is available on Blu-Ray and DVD from Acorn Media Group. You may view a trailer and find out more by clicking here.

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