High School DxD: Season One

| August 21, 2013

Like the title, High School DxD, contains girls with large breasts placed in situations where they are bound to expose them. Although, truthfully this is a little deceiving, considering there is so much more to this anime. Magic, romance, fighting, and burgeoning friendships to name a few. The fan service is in great abundance but is not the selling point for High School DxD.

Issei, like many other high school boys is interested in girls, only perhaps because he has had no opportunities for any experiences, his interest can get a little perverse at times. One day on his way home he meets a beautiful girl who would like to be his girlfriend, and who is Issei to say no? And in that decision his life changes forever. This girl tries to end his life in order to get a hold of the sacred item, which Issei didn’t even know existed within him. Now, what is Issei to do? Well how about get saved by a beautiful classmate and turned into a devil. So, here is Issei now, a normal high school boy who just happens to belong to one of the most influential houses of the underworld, and perhaps a little more perverse.

The character designs in High School DxD are great. Issei’s design as the main character is very nicely put together down to his uniform design. For the most part, the girls in the story follow the archetypes for harem girls along with the token handsome boy added in for good measure. But this is not to say that their designs are not interesting in and of themselves. Colors are saturated wonderfully and there is great variety among the supporting characters as well. A really beautiful anime to watch.

Of course we take this story and add in a bunch of panty shots, see through clothing, and naked women. I guess this could be considered a harem anime, since the main character is surrounded by beautiful women but at the same time, Issei is the bottom of the totem pole. He is the servant of the beautiful women. With that aside, most of the ‘fan service’ shots are obviously just that. Ok, so due to Issei character being a pervert, I will give the anime the benefit of the doubt that some of the shots are at least justified in the context of looking through Issei’s eyes, but that only accounts for a few. The truth is, most are not needed. The last episode in the set proves this perfectly. I only remember one or two panty shots in the entire last episode, which compared to the others is amazing, and yet the episode is the best in the whole season. If you either like the fan service shots or just don’t care, you will enjoy this anime. High School DxD has more to offer than just the nipple and panty shots, providing it is something you don’t mind sifting through.

The Blu-ray/DVD combo of High School DxD is released through FUNimation Entertainment. Extras include commentary on episodes one and seven, commercial collection, promotional videos, textless opening and ending, trailers, and new material from Ichiei Ishibumi-Fantasy Full-blast gentleman’s disc club promos. It also contains shorts entitled “Fantasy Jiggles Unleased”, which as you may surmise from the title hinges on a lot of breasts.

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