Ground Control to Pyschoelectric Girl

| January 11, 2013

When I first saw Ground Control to Physcoelectric Girl when it aired in Japan under its original title Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, I was blown away. I loved everything about it, the story. the amazing art, my sweet Erio. The obligatory anime cliches remain the same, the character progression was and still is some of the best I’ve seen in an anime series in a very long time. Makoto is an average teenage boy with average teenage thoughts, he keeps his feet on the ground and his head out of the clouds. When he moves to a new town and meets his cousin Erio a girl who in a way is the complete opposite of him, both their worlds are changed completely. As the series progresses, viewpoints most definitely change, and the characters embrace that fact.

Erio Touwa is one of my favorite characters, ever. When I first saw the original Japanese release I fell in love with her. With the just right amount of “moe” without being annoying or too cliched. A young girl who is traumatized by some unknown event, tries to cope with it the only way she knows how. It’s heartbreaking in a way, but sets the viewer up for an even more heartwarming tale. What starts off as Makoto trying to debunk Erio’s supernatural way of thinking, turns into something much deeper for them and everyone they’re involved with. Another aspect that I really appreciated were the somewhat subtle hints of blooming love, they were there but didn’t bog down the story or turn into a creepy accidental incest like a certain MMORPG based anime, that just recently finished airingMakoto and Erio aren’t the only two who are worthy of praise, Makoto’s classmates and friends deserve a bit of recognition too, because despite the fact that whole town knows who Erio is because of her strangeness. All of them are genuinely strange in some way or another, and they each add their own flair to the series. From Ryushi’s strange way of talking to Maekawa’s need to wear strange costumes.

SHAFT went all out animating Ground Control to Physcoelectric Girl, “Shafted” is the term used when Shaft gives a series a complete overhaul from its original TV version. From small particle effects that radiate from the female characters to the total reanimation of scenes. They spared no expense on the Blu-ray version either. Presented in stunning 1080p, it took pure will to tear my eyes off the TV screen. The same however, cannot be said about the DVD version, in an underwhelming 480i. I don’t recommend it unless a Blu-ray player is unavailable. Although the fanservice is light, it’s still there, and in all its uncensored glory. As always, the NIS release comes with a lovely slip cover that contains the discs  and a glossy story guide, filled with character concept art, brief character bios, as well as interviews with the voice actors and various staff. Theres not much in the special features department save for a clean opening and endings, as well as a japanese commercial. Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl is available now via NIS America.

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