Fairy Tail: Part Five

| July 23, 2013

Fairy Tail is back with a bang! Have you been craving some unruly Natsu/Grey fights, Lucy’s money dramas, or Erza just being Erza? Well, now you have it, this fifth set of Fairy Tail is full from beginning to end with action and adventure. There are returning friends/foes and new ones for us to get to know. And what does this all mean for us? That we are just going to get to the end of the set way too quickly and be left wanting more, of course.

Let’s talk about the fact that there are so many new characters in this set. If you will recall, recently we had large battles that entailed multiple guilds which resulted in a lot of characters we have never seen before and may never again. Well, in this set we get even more of that. Positive point, we have some fun fighting scenes. Negative-there are so many characters in this series that the character designs are really hit or miss. They have tended to be that way from the beginning but the differences between the good and not-so-good are becoming more apparent.  The storyline calls for a lot of characters, many of whom we want to appear different in order to not blend into the background. Then add in the fact that they are wizards and that makes it harder to maintain a certain expected interest level in the designs. Anyone who knows anything about the manga business knows that the artists are working night and day and sometimes characters, especially ones who are not going to be around forever, are not always given the most time and effort. Since this has been a problem from the beginning, I don’t think that is going to change but in the scheme of things it will be something that fans will just have to accept as part of the charm of the anime.

And now, the returning characters. What is the biggest problem here? The fact that it has been so long since we not only got the last set but also since we have seen some of the characters at all.  I am not going to start naming names because that would take some of the fun out of the set but there will be some characters that you instantly recognize (as they are pretty major players within the story line) and others you will need to rely on the recaps to jog your memory.  And thank goodness for these recaps, whether given by the characters as dialog or the narrator, you will find them extremely helpful.

Overall, this fifth set is fun and in the vein of previously wonderful Fairy Tail stories. FUNimation has released this DVD/Blu-ray combo pack in a case which contains a reversible character cover. This is a fun extra to the purchase, as it gives you the ability to make the set your own by choosing the cover you prefer. This is by far one of my favorite aspects of these new releases. Other extras in the set are episode commentaries, textless songs, and trailers.

In addition to part five, FUNimation concurrently released Fairy Tail: Collection Two. This 8-disc DVD/Blu-ray combo pack contains episodes 25-48, which were previously collected in the standalone releases of parts three and four. If you haven’t purchased parts three and four, this collection is an economical way to do just that.  Also, it stands the height of a standard Blu-ray case and is only as wide from the side as one and a half stand-alone volumes. So if you already own parts three and four, the primary appeal of this collection as an upgrade would be as a space-saver.

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