Fairy Tail: Part 10

| May 25, 2014

Fairy Tail hits hard in this set! This doesn’t mean just the fighting, although not to be ignored, but also the characters’ loyalties, drives, loves, and friendships are laid out in beautiful rawness for the world to experience.

This set is the conclusion of the Tenrou Island Arc. What starts as a routine S-Class Tournament quickly becomes a fight for the life of Fairy Tail and every member on the island. With many members wounded, including Fairy Tail’s leader Makarov, the rest of the Fairy Tail crew are forced to fight the strong dark guild Grimoire Hearts alone. They have to pull every ounce of magic they have left, and then they will have no choice but try to find more.

FUNimation Entertainment Entertainment’s Fairy Tail: Part 10 set might be the single most enjoyable of all their Fairy Tail releases. Not a single episode lets you down. It’s one of the best put together storylines since the beginning. In earlier sets there would be episodes that were obviously filler and felt as if there was no effort put into them, but this is not the case in this set. The episodes are full of fighting and friendship. It should be noted that the friendship between the members of the guild has been built up from the beginning as one of their strong points, but in this storyline there is a real danger of losing some of those members and their friendship must become their greatest strength.

Along with the story of friendship there is also a small plot involving family, true blood relations. A daughter is looking for a way to tell her Father that they are family. I don’t want to ruin the fun by telling you too much about the characters, although if you are a faithful Fairy Tail fan you already know who they are. This creates another layer to the relationships being the driving force behind the guild member’s ability to hold their own during this fight. The added burden of trying to prove oneself in order to feel worthy of family is a theme that many people can relate to. And in the end, although this is a fighting and magical anime if we cannot relate to the characters and their feelings we are not going to enjoy watching. Here in lies the real reason this set works so well, pushing the fantastic magical abilities aside, these are people who have real feelings; love, friendship, jealousy, hate, loneliness, and determination. These are people who find great strength in their relationships and no matter what comes their way, in the end their relationships are more important than any magical ability they possess.

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