| July 13, 2012

Like an angry denizen of some dark and sinister otherworld, Kelsey Grammer plunges himself deep into the murky, cruel, twisted, angry, and power-hungry titular character in STARZ original TV series Boss: Season One. With an electrifying exuberance he charms the hearts of an entire city and chews on the exposed bones of his writhing, pitiless enemies. He is relentless, demanding, ruthless, cold-hearted, and impossible to take yours eyes off. He is that perfect combination of Dexter and Hannibal Lechter, with dashes of the most glorious touches from every great villain in film and television history thrown in for good measure. His timing is perfect, his gravity just right. Small wonder Mr. Grammer won a Golden Globe for his efforts.

With the second season nearly upon us, Lionsgate and STARZ will release the first season on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download on July 24, 2012, for the first time. The series was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Drama, as was only appropriate for such a searing and powerful peek into the world of corrupt politicians and the aura of power and fame. In the series, Grammer plays Mayor Tom Kane, who will go to any lengths to get what he wants, even if perjury, crime and avarice are required. While Kane struggles to run his city, he must also keep secret a new and degenerative health problem which could ruin his career; and which will undoubtedly color his legacy in some unknown and personally frightening respect.

Mayor Tom Kane is King of Chicago and he rules his domain with an iron fist. Deception, scandal and betrayal go hand in hand with Kane’s form of politics. As long as he gets the job done, the people of Chicago look the other way. Despite being the most effective mayor in recent history, Kane is hiding a dark secret. A degenerative brain disorder is ripping everything away from him and he can no longer trust his memory, his closest allies, or even himself. Kane viciously fights battles on all fronts in order to retain his hold over the city and people he both loves and despises.

Co-starring are Connie Nielsen as Kane’s icily beautiful and equally ruthless wife; Hannah Ware as his once drug-addicted daughter, now a member of the church; Martin Donovan as his advisor, right-hand man, keeper of dark secrets, enabler and procurer; and Kathleen Robertson as his press agent and go-to girl who enjoys clandestine sexual encounters with married men. Each of these performers is at the top of their form in Boss: Season One, but they are not the only actors in the series.

As a local filmmaker and film teacher I am fortunate to know a number of very talented actors who often get to perform in whatever major or minor feature film or television series is filming here in Chicago. Among the large supporting cast of Boss I am fortunate enough to know, to be aware of through reputation, or to have worked with a few of these folks, and I will take the liberty of calling out their names while I can, because they deserve the attention and, honestly, did some very fine work in this series. They are Philip Edward Van Lear, Christian Stolte, Madrid St. Angelo, Sal Velez Jr, Kimber Closson, Bill Stoneking, Cyn Dulay, Sandy Gulliver, and Russ Panzarella. Congrats to all of you for getting to be a part of this amazing and riveting series!

Look for Boss: Season One on July 24, 2012 on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download. It truly is one of the best series in television history.

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Del Harvey is a co-founder of Film Monthly. He is an independent filmmaker, film director, screenwriter, and film teacher, currently living in Chicago.
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